Thursday, August 19, 2010

1st day of school

Well, technically its not the 1st day of "real" school, but it's fun to say. I'm sure I will be an emotional mess when Dane starts "real" school.

So, I am always a little nervous how Dane will do after a long summer break of being home with Daddy everyday. Dane is used to me being home during the day twice a week, and of course on the weekends. But, when summer comes along he gets to spend everyday with daddy being home. So, a lot of playing is done during the summer, and a lot of daddy/Dane time occurs. I thought he might be a tad sad or clingy when Kevin dropped him off today.

Nope. Not all all. Dane was so excited when they left the house. He kept saying "go to Dane school" the entire way there. When they walked into the cafeteria to get Dane set up to eat breakfast everyone that worked there was so excited to see him. Kevin said he received a warm reception, and Dane didn't seem bothered one bit that his daddy was going to leave. He had a great 1st day back. He just got in there like he hadn't even left for 3 months. I was also worried that it may take a couple days to get him back to their nap schedule and sleeping on the floor mats, but he did just fine. He took a 2 hour nap with no problems, and ate breakfast lunch and all snacks. They said he ate green beans, which I find really hard to believe. But, if he did I am amazed, and maybe we should send him to school for every meal. :) When Kevin picked him up this afternoon he was really happy to see him, but got a little upset when he couldn't bring his new favorite toy home with him. It was a Dori toy (from the movie finding Nemo). No matter where he goes he always finds one toy that he gets attached to, and will have a death grip on for the entire time he is with it. Dane is in a new class this time, with new teachers. They seem nice, so I hope this is just a sneak peek of a great year ahead!

So, here's to all my friends who will be sending their kids back to school... I hope that everyone's 1st day goes great and stress free!! Bring on end of summer!!!

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