Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 months

Wow. July 31st. My little man is now 2 1/2 years old. Besides the fact that he isn't a baby anymore, it is shocking how incredibly fast the last 6 months have gone. Has it really been 6 months since his 2nd birthday? And only 6 more months until he turns 3? It is all passing us by so fast, and I hate that. Slow down little man, stay little a bit longer!

Perfect time to talk about several tidbits, I guess.

-Now weighs 29.2 lbs, and is 34 3/4 inches long. (if our measurements are correct then he has gained about 1 1/2 lbs since April, and has grown 3/4 of an inch) He wears 2T shirts, and can still wear shorts that are 18-24 months.

-is still extremely picky when it comes to eating. Not only is he picky about types of foods, but he is just not a big eater. He will take one bite of something and then say he is done. I would say 95% of his time outs, spankings, crying fits, and us being totally frustrated comes from when he is eating or lack of. He is not a big snacker either. He is not a kid that is cranky if misses a if he misses a nap that is a whole another story.

-toddler bed is still a success. He goes down to bed at night and naps fine still, but no longer stays in his room waiting for us to come get him when he wakes up. He gets out of bed now, closes his door and then will come downstairs all by himself. If we are still sleeping he will climb into bed with us, sometimes will lay there and go back to sleep but mostly will want us to get out of bed immediately. He starts saying he wants chocolate milk the second we make eye contact with him. There has only been a couple times that he will come down from a nap without ever going to sleep, but finds out real quick that he will be walked back to his bed, and this usually is accompanied with lots of crying. He says in his most excited voice "I wake up" when he gets up from a nap. He still requires a lot of sleep. He is the crankiest if he doesn't get a good nap, or wakes up to early in the morning. But a well rested Dane is a happy Dane.

-he has gotten really good with saying thank you, please, excuse me, and sorry without being asked. If he is given a new toy, or something he is excited about he will say "tank you mommy tank you mommy" about 100 times over and over sometimes even over a few hours. It is really cute how excited he gets and how thankful he is. We never really have to remind him to say please either. He has gotten this one down pat, and pretty much says it when asking for just about everything. He is really funny when saying excuse me. It is usually when he burps or toots, and he will tell you which he did like "I toot mommy excuse me". Pretty funny. Now with the sorry word, it usually will come when we tell him to say it, or we have to act like we are hurt or upset if he did something to make us feel this way. If you pretend cry you will get a "sawry mommy" pretty quick and he will also kiss your bobo that 90% of the time he had caused. He is really cute when someone sneezes, he will say ahhchoo to you instead of bless you.

-he has learned what a circle, square, triangle, oval, and heart is

-he is getting pretty good with the colors red, blue, green, black and yellow (yeyo). Majority of the time if you ask to pick up a certain colored object he can do it with those colors. But, when you ask him the other way like what color certain things are he always says the wrong color. ha And it's usually an off the wall color like orange or pink that he says. So, he gets the concept asked one way, but not the other. Kind of weird.

-can count to 5. But, he will only do it occasionally. He will do 1-3 all the time, but only 4 and 5 come out when we aren't asking him to say it. Little stinker

-he is a talking machine. He is now saying short sentences, repeating just about everything we say, and saying new things just about every day. He says stuff that cracks Kevin and I up constantly, and surprises us with where he learned it. Some of my new favorites- "what you talking about", "are you kidding me", "I need that", "That's nasty", "come on in and play", "It's Dane's turn", "I hold you". He has told Kevin a couple times which makes me laugh so hard to "lay down, I change your diaper", and when meeting someone new he will say "I Dane, that's mommy, that's daddy". he says "what" now when he doesn't want you looking at him. Or if he is doing something he doesn't want you to see he will say "Mommy, go upstairs/or downstairs". Something pretty funny is that he will call his daddy "kevin" sometimes, and even has said on multiple occasions "Honey" to Kevin or "daddy is honey". It's hilarious. The other day we actually got him to put a piece of broccoli in his mouth. He didn't keep it there, but the fact that he actually tried it was great. But, he took it out and said "I can't like that", and Kevin and I just about died. He is pretty funny with things that he says.

- He is MR independent these days. He says about 100 times a day "I want to do it". He tries so hard to do everything by himself. He likes to open up jars, and get things out of the fridge or pantry for us.

-has turned into quite the climber the jumper and is fearless now. With this new sense of adventure there are always bruises, and bumps, and bo bo's all over his body. But, he doesn't cry much when he gets hurt unless it really really hurt. He now gets embarrassed though if he falls down, and if you freak out. He doesn't want you looking at him when he is hurt. He will scream " NO NO MOMMY". So not reacting to him falling is what he wants you to do. Little Booger is such a BOY. Rough and tough should be his middle name. I think I have about 50 panic attacks a day watching him jump from things, and fall and all that. But, even with all this crazy energy he is still very playful, sweet and such a happy lil man.

2 1/2 years old. Can't believe it. It's been a fun ride!!!

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