Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ask and you shall Receive

And... Here is the video from today.

Rudy seems to be the go to guy when training other instructors. And from what I have heard he is the most popular, requested the most, and apparently the best. I have had 4 people that I know see the videos and tell me that their child had Rudy also, and how special he is and how all their children just loved him. Well, my child is no different. Rudy has hung the moon in Dane's eyes. We were so lucky and blessed to have him as Dane's 1st swim teacher. He has done an amazing job. Unfortunately, tomorrow is Dane's last day with Rudy. :( After tomorrow he will be in swimming lessons just once a week, and when I called to get him scheduled for that I requested that Rudy be his teacher again. Dane will be moved up to the next level, and Rudy only teaches so many classes of this level. Well, I was told that Rudy has a long waiting list of people that wanted to have him as their teacher, so I could either wait the months for that or take the one opening he had at 3:00 every Monday. That time is just impossible to do with our work schedules, and I didn't want Dane to have to wait months before continuing on with learning to swim. So, we were assigned to another teacher, Kaleb. I am so bummed, but I was reassured that Kaleb is great also. He has been working at HSC for a long time, and just like Rudy the kids love him. They did tell me that Kaleb's spot is next to Rudy in the water, so Dane will be able to talk and say hi to Rudy while swimming. It did make me laugh a little when she told me this, but I hope that Dane will be ok with just saying hi to his buddy instead of actually swimming with him. Who knew you could grow so attached to someone in just 2 weeks? Well, we did... very attached!

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