Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dane is growing Fins

Dane is doing so good in his swimming lessons. He has become so comfortable with the water, and he is just impressing me with how he has picked everything up. Turning into a fish right before me eyes. I thought that Dane would be so far behind the other kids in his class since he is quite a bit younger, (almost 2 years younger than one kid) but he is doing just as well and he is completely equal with them. I think this may be the 1st swimming lessons for those kids also.

Anyway today went really well. Rudy left me a message yesterday that Dane was doing AWESOME. So, that made me feel so proud of the little man. It's hard to see in the video, but there are times during the back float that Rudy doesn't have his hands underneath Dane. It looks like he keeps his hands touching them, and then every so often take his hands away for a few seconds before placing them back under them. He is working on having them go under the water, and then turn on their own to the back float. Dane is getting better at this. Sometimes, he just flips right over, and then other times it takes a little help from Rudy. I think the goal is if there was ever a time the kids fell in the water, they would be able to turn themselves over and float on their back until someone could get them out of the water. So, I'm looking forward to when Dane can do this perfectly, and can float on his back with Rudy not being right by. Practice makes perfect.

Rudy surprised the kiddos today, and let them slide down the water slide to the mat. Every single one of them seemed like maybe they weren't sure and the lifeguard had to assist them in going down. It was pretty funny. I think if Dane was given the chance to do it again, he would have done it without hesitation, because he thought it was so much fun afterwards.

When Rudy has them "swim" to the side he usually holds them on their chest, but the last couple days he lets them go, and holds on to just their calves! So, they are pretty much gliding and kicking by themselves now. Well, they are trying real hard. Sometimes Dane did it smoothly, other times his head would be in the water, but his feet would be up in the air kicking while Rudy held them.

Also, you will see in the video Dane getting the ring again. But, this time Rudy didn't go under with them and help them get it. He pushed them down to the bottom, but they had to get the ring by themselves! Watching the other kids do this, I was nervous! Not that he wouldn't get the ring, but just that he might not hold his breath the entire time. But, it only took 2 tries and Dane got the ring!! I'm so thankful that Dane got Rudy for his 1st swim teacher. He is just so sweet to the kids, and it's obvious that they all love him. It has been a great week and a half!! It feels like he has been in swimming so much longer. Maybe because my expectations weren't very high, and I didn't think he would have made this kind of progress in this short amount of time!

So... another video click HERE

Oh and just a random bit of info that means nothing really.... Kevin told me that I should have put this on his random 25 list... He can not float on his back in the water!! And I saw with my own eyes the last time we went swimming... it's weird, because Kevin is a really good swimmer, but he can't keep his body afloat on his back for more than a couple seconds!
Makes no sense... I guess he never had a swim teacher as good as Rudy! haha

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