Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dane's 1st Award!

Yesterday was the last day of Dane's 2 week swim session. On the last day they allow the parents to actually be in the pool room, and sit across from the viewing room and watch from the deck. They encourage you to take pictures and videos during this day. I was bummed because I had to work on the last day, but Kevin took a ton of videos and pictures, so it felt like I was there. I now understand completely why parents aren't normally allowed in the room. Even though the kids still did great, they seemed to be very distracted that their parents were watching. Dane seemed to be more of a ham than normal since daddy was in the audience. In the video if you listen closely you will hear Dane yell "Hi Daddy" several times, and he even said couple time "Daddy I'm swimming". At the end of the lesson the kids were given a certificate and a ribbon attached saying they had excelled in the guppie level and were moving up to be a goldfish. It had a checklist on it with everything that they learned to do while being a guppie.

-comfortable in water
-puts face in water
-breath control-bubbles
-kicks with barbells
-row-row arms
-back floats independently
-rolls over
-turns & climbs out of pool
-retrieves rings

The giving of the certificates was really informal, but the certificate is really cute, and Dane liked it. This would be his very 1st award, I believe! Sorry, no pic was taken of lil man holding his certificate. :( Dane's favorite part I think was getting the rings. The goal was just to get one, but Dane always seemed to manage to grab 2 at the same time. He would get so excited after the lesson to tell you that he got 2 rings! Highlight of his lesson! Anyway, This video is pretty long, but it was neat being able to see Dane swimming from a different angle. He did a great job!!

Monday he will start his once a week classes with Kaleb. Wish him luck!

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