Sunday, August 29, 2010

High as a kite

I love when I get something for nearly free or on clearance. It just makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. When I go into Target or any store for that matter I love to look in the clearance section, just to see what didn't get sold that they are trying hard to get rid of. Well, I found this Spider man kite on clearance at Target for $0.25!!!! Basically, I feel like they got robbed when I bought it, because come on a quarter?? That's it?? It had 7 or 8 red clearance stickers on it , so I peeled every single one to see how much this baby had been marked up originally! It was $15 originally!! Wow... this was no fancy kite. Cheap plastic with a cheap handle with string. Would anyone really pay that much for it to begin with? Well, I wouldn't have. But for a quarter...heck yeah!! After I left I thought I should have bought all of them, and then sold them for $15! haha

So, yesterday late evening we ventured out to fly it. Dane was very excited to see it up in the air. We actually got a good wind in the beginning. Dane would hold on to it, but then ever so often he would just decide to let it go. And Kevin would have to run to chase it, before it got trapped in a tree. Pretty funny to watch actually... Kevin running down the hill to catch it, losing his balance and falling all over the place. Since it was close to night time, it actually didn't feel too hot or humid outside. Dane mentioned flying the kite again this morning... so this may become our evening ritual...

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