Monday, August 23, 2010

I got FRIENDS in low places...

One word to sum up my weekend... friends. I had a great weekend. Of course, it went by way to fast and I was bummed I had to go back to work today. Friday I was scheduled to work, but our computers and machine was getting some software updated so we weren't able to treat patients. It's great having a Friday off, but even better when you are scheduled to work and don't have to go in!!

I started off the weekend by going to see my good friend Tiffany and her new baby, James. On the way I was telling Dane that we were going to see Baby James, and he got really excited. He kept saying My baby James at home. Confused, I tried telling him "no we don't have a baby James". But, he kept saying it, and got more and more excited when I would say Baby James. Well, then he started saying CHOO CHOO after saying that his James was at home. And it all clicked for me. He was talking about his choo choo train that is named James from the Thomas the Train Show!!!!! Poor little guy was so excited because he thought we were going to see a choo choo train. Well, the thought was easily forgotten when we arrived and he saw their play room with all the toys. Dane wasn't too interested in sweet Baby James. But I was!! He was precious!!
I stole this picture from Tiffany's blog, because I didn't have my camera with me! It was great to see her and her 2 sweet girls and her newest addition! Congrats Tiffany!

Friday night was parent's night out at our church. They volunteered to watch kids from 5:30-9:30 so all of us parents who don't get out much could. My friend Tamara has been wanting to come to town for quite a long time, so this worked out perfectly!! Tamara is one of the funniest people I have ever met. We have been friends since Kevin and I started dating. Actually, Kevin and Tamara were friends way before I came into the picture, which Kevin likes to say "Tamara was my friend 1st". ha But, we quickly became a trio pretty much right when Kevin and I began seeing each other. I used to work at a place where I would have to work the evening shift, and us 3 had a Friday night ritual where we would always meet up at a particular Mexican restaurant right after I would get off work. Lots of fun memories with good Ol Tamara. We don't get to see each other as often we would like because she moved away for a job, but no matter how long in between our visits we always just pick back up where we left off. So, Friday night we continued on with our tradition and went to a Mexican restaurant here in Cypress. We had a blast, just like the olden days!

Saturday, Kevin had a lot of work to get ready for his 1st week of school. He is going to be teaching dual credit classes this year, which means these courses the students will get credit for high school and for college credits. So, it's harder classes, and courses he hasn't taught before. Anyway, I had nothing to do and was bored, so I packed up the little man and we headed to Orange for the afternoon. I made the rounds seeing my family. I put a status on facebook saying I was in Orange, and my girl Tabby Tab saw it and let me know that she had come down to Orange to visit her family also!! How could we have both gone to Orange without knowing the other was going!! I was very excited to see Tabitha. So that evening we left the babies at home with their Granny's, (Tabitha's little man has a granny also) and got to spend some quality time hanging out!! Tabitha's sister is part of a Mardi Gras crew in Orange, and the kickoff for all the crews were getting together. Tabitha and I tagged along, and had a great time. I saw some people I haven't seen since high school. We pretty much cracked up the whole time, did a lot of people watching, and just really enjoyed getting to hang out!! I love my Tab!!

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