Sunday, August 8, 2010

A more recent blast from the past

Saturday we spent the entire day cleaning our house, re-arranging furniture, going through closets, re-organizing and getting rid of tons of un-needed crap. We literally started working as soon as we woke up, and didn't stop until it was time to put Dane to bed that night. Our closets are still packed with stuff that could be sold in a garage sale, but we got ride of probably 8 garbage bags full. I was just amazed at how much stuff we have accumulated over the past couple years from when we moved into the house.

While we were going through one of the closets Dane found his lobster costume from his 1st Halloween. He started playing with it, trying to use the claw to pinch our noses. It's a week of costumes, I guess. I had to put it on him... I just had to. He fought me, and was not happy at first, threw a tantrum but I did it anyway. I know I'm a bad mom, and he will totally hate me later. Maybe the Clorox and bleach from all the cleaning was making me lose my mind.

Obviously, it was waaay to small and could only be worn like a jacket, I couldn't put his legs in it and zip it up. But, we got a great laugh out of it!! It took Dane a couple seconds to chill out, and then he realized that he could use his claws so much easier if he was wearing it and started to really enjoy being in it!! He is still the cutest lobster I have ever seen...

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