Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I have declared today a lazy day. Kevin is at work today, so Dane and I are not doing much; maybe just catching up on all my shows I missed and recorded over the past week. The last few days have been spent with family, and mostly on the road. It's good to just relax today, and try to get back on some sort of schedule with nap and bed times.

Wednesday, Kevin's parents came into town from New York. Dane enjoyed having tons of attention from them, and having them play with everything that he owns. Pretty much he wore them completely out. We took them to get tex-mex food, since this is one of their things they had to give up when moving to New York. We pretty much just hung out Wednesday and Thursday, and packed up for our road trip that we were taking on Friday. I took Dane to get a well needed haircut before we left town. his hair had gotten quite long, hanging over his ears and very unmanageable. It's not great, but better than so many other haircuts he has had in the past.

Friday we set out to New Orleans to surprise Kevin's grandmother for her 85th birthday. She knew that Jackie and Barry were coming into town, but she had no idea that Kevin, Dane and I were tagging along. This is the weekend before her actual birthday, so she didn't know that Barry and his sister, Barby had planned a surprise party for her as well. So, she was going to be surprised in 2 different ways.
So, we arrived in New Orleans and had Dane go up to her door and knock. She was very overwhelmed when she saw all of us. It had been quite a while since she had seen Dane and everyone, so she was just so thrilled to have everyone in town.

After picking up Kevin's grandmother we headed out to a fabulous Cajun restaurant with Kevin's Aunt Barby. I had chicken and andouille sausage gumbo in a poopa bread bowl. Delicious!!! It was so great to see Kevin's grandmother and aunt. They are both just the sweetest people, and I love love love their thick New Orlean's Accents!! We made sure to get a 4 generation picture with Kevin, Dane, his dad and grandmother.

It only took a couple minutes of Dane being shy towards Aunt Barby, her boyfriend, and Grandma before Dane felt completely comfortable with everyone and started being a ham, and his little chatty self. This post is getting kind of long... so I'm going to make it into 2

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