Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Put a fork in it, because we are DONE

I can't believe that Dane is now done with physical therapy. I think my car may just automatically drive there every day I am off of work. Dane has been in physical therapy 2 times a week since the middle of December, and it has done great things for his hip and the scar tissue that was there because of his surgery. When he 1st started he was assigned to 2 therapists, one for each day he had to go a week. We were told that he would have to come to his sessions the same time and same days each week. Being that I don't work the same days every week this caused a little bit of stress. We weren't sure how we would be able to pull this off without missing too much work. The first couple weeks I was able to take off from work on the days he was assigned, my mom came in from out of town to take him as well. I voiced my concern to Dane's 2 therapists. One therapist wasn't able to help us, she wanted Dane to have a certain time every single week regardless if it meant he wouldn't be able to get therapy some weeks if his days fell on the day I was scheduled to work. But, then there was Michelle. From the second that I told her our situation she went out of her way to help us. She became his only therapist, and worked around my work schedule the entire 8 months. She would find out my days that I was off, and figure out a way to have Dane be seen that day. Sometimes, it meant she would have to squeeze him into her schedule, double book him with other patients, have him come earlier in the morning than she was even scheduled to be there, or stay later in the afternoon etc. She was amazing. Michelle is the sweetest person I have ever met, and Dane absolutely loved her. Not only is she just a great person, but she is a great therapist as well. She was very tough with Dane and made him work really hard every session, but she did it in the most compassionate way possible. We have seen tremendous results with where he was when he started to now. I am so happy with the flexibility he has now in his hip, and the range of motion. And his progress is all because he had an awesome therapist.

Today Kevin brought Dane for his last day. We got Michelle a gift to show her how much we appreciate all that she did for us. I think Dane will miss going to "pay with MY SHELL". It was always so cute how Dane would say her name. He calls her MY SHELL! I made Kevin take a picture of her and Dane together. I don't think I have ever put a picture of the two of them on here before.

We are no longer a physical therapy patient! WOOHOO!!!!!!

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