Thursday, August 12, 2010

Right-y or Left-y

Without a doubt Dane is going to be right handed... He uses his right hand for everything including eating, coloring, picking things up, brushing his teeth, throwing the ball, etc etc everything EXCEPT...

Batting. He always bats left handed. We have tried getting him to switch the way he holds the bat and hit over the right, but he always goes back to batting over his left shoulder. Who knows maybe he will be one of those baseball players who throws with his right hand and bats with his left. haha Granted he is 2, and this may all change tomorrow. We don't care regardless of what hand he uses, and I know this is really pointless info, just thought it was interesting to observe little quirky things he is starting to do. Kevin and I talked about this while they were playing baseball, and so I went back and looked at the t-ball pics I took recently just to see if it was just this day or if he did it then also. And sure enough every single picture he was batting over his left shoulder. Pretty Funny.

And just so you know... it's not really a good idea to use your hand as the tee to hold the ball for a 2 year old... just saying.

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