Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Break

Well another summer has come and gone. It has been a busy one for us this year, and a tortuous hot one as well. As much as I would like to love summertime, I always find that once it is here I am counting down to when it will be over. It is just too hot and humid here, and just about unbearable to do anything outside. Just walking to the mailbox is a chore without being a hot sweaty mess when you get back in. So come on fall weather!!! I can't wait for some relief from this sauna we are living in.

Kevin is already back at work, but his students won't come back until next week. I think it is fair to say that Kevin was starting to get bored at home, and was ready for work to start back. I think I would be total opposite if I had the summers off. I would probably cry when it was time to go back to work. So, today is Dane's last day of his summer break. He starts back to his school tomorrow. I'm sure he will be just fine with going back, but he will have to get used to not having his favorite playmate with him all day everyday. I'm hoping though we can get him back on a better sleep routine. This summer has caused later nap times and later bedtimes, and sleeping later in the mornings. Big adjustment when he will have to get up about 3 hours earlier than what he has been doing this summer. But he is being eased into going back to school. He only has to go one time this week, and then next week he will start his regular 3 times a week.

Not much else is going on. Dane and I went looking for some fall clothes today for him. But, we left the stores empty handed. I'm just not too sure what size to get him, since he turns 3 in the middle of the cold weather. Wow. is that right? He will turn 3 in the fall????? wow. :( 2T fits great in shirts, so not sure if I should get 3T or if they would be too big for fall. Every store seems different. Some shirts that were 3T looked ok, others looked huge. But, 2T pants are still too big on him, like really big. So, I don't know. I may just wait until it is cold and I'm forced to make a decision. When looking at clothes I start to wonder if the designers who makes children's clothes ever had children. I like to think Dane is completely average in his size, but I'm always shocked at how long pants are, or how big the waist is on him.

All these pictures are random from yesterday of Dane playing around the house. It's very odd for him to be sitting still for too long. He will let you read books to him if it is his choice, and he decides for how long. His cars get lined up multiple times a day, and carried around taken in and out of containers, buckets, and anything else they will fit into. Playing with his train table happens everyday, and usually he wants us to build towers over and over for him to knock down. He has gotten pretty good at making some pretty high towers himself, and is usually so proud of himself. And that's what our summer break looks like around here...well the days that are spent at home that is.

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