Monday, August 30, 2010

This Old House

The other day we got an anniversary card in the mail from our Realtor. She always sends us cards for our birthdays and anniversary's, and also little reminders about fighting house taxes and all that. It's her way I think to keep her name out there, in case we ever need a Realtor again. Anyway, I thought it was strange that she would send us an anniversary card in August when our anniversary isn't until March.

But, see this is why I keep my husband around, because he remembers stuff including dates for everything. Well, this is just one of the many reasons he is kept around. :) I on the other hand am doing good to remember just the important dates. So, he quickly informed me that this card wasn't for our wedding anniversary, it was for our home anniversary. Oh!! DUH! So, I said "that's right, we did move in August, can't believe it has already been 2 years since we bought this home". Once again, I was wrong... Kevin just smiled and said "no, Jayne it was 2007. it has been 3 years, remember you were pregnant when we moved in".... yep I knew that... was just testing to see if he still had it. And he does.

Well, this brought back a whole slew of memories for me including one that still makes my mom and I laugh. While our house was being built Kevin and his dad decided that they wanted to get hold of all the extra brick that wouldn't be used for the house. They had "plans" to use all the leftover brick that would be considered trash and use it to create a platform for our grill. Honestly, not sure exactly what they were going to do with it and how it would incorporate with the grill, all I know is that they were adamant about getting the bricks. Well, my mom came into town to see the house while it was still being built. We pull up to the house to find a huge crane and dumpster and we realize real quick that the workers were scooping up all the bricks that we had planned on taking and throwing them in the dumpster.

So just picture this... 2 white crazy women (1 who is pregnant by the way) jumping out of the car and running to the workers as fast as they could and yelling and screaming to "stop the crane" "stop the crane". The workers all just looked at us like we were crazy, and continued on. I started talking in Spanish trying to get them to stop...and since I only speak "poquito" espanol it was quite amusing. My mom is screaming, and finally we just take matters into our own hands and start gathering as many bricks as we can and moving them to the garage. The majority of the workers just sat and stared at us, and the guy running the crane just continued demolishing all that was sitting in front of the house. We were moving as many as we could as quickly as we could, but considering it was blistering hot since it was in the middle of August, and I was pregnant we weren't getting too far. Well, finally one of the guys felt sorry for us, and began to help us move bricks. Then a couple other guys joined in, and then more joined in and before we knew it all that was left of the bricks had been moved to the garage. Can it be please noted that we went over and beyond to get all these bricks, in the blistering heat, 4 months pregnant...

I can't remember why, but my mom and I ventured over to the model home to talk to the lady who sold us the house. While there we were making small talk, and ended up telling her what happened with the bricks, and how we are wanting to use them and blah blah blah. We didn't get the response we thought we would get. We thought she would laugh about it, but instead she jumped all over us about making the workers stop what they are getting paid to do to help us gather bricks. She was quite rude actually, and made it known that what we had done was a horrible horrible thing. So, after leaving there we started feeling bad, and a tad guilty. But, to be honest we hadn't done anything wrong. We just wanted them to stop destroying the bricks by the crane so we could move them to a safe place, we didn't expect them to help us move them. But, To make up for it we headed to McDonald's and bought like 30 of their $1 cheeseburgers, and several drinks and brought them back to the workers. The workers loved us!! haha

So, here comes the funny part, as if the 1st part wasn't funny enough. We get back to the house to find that now they had started pouring the cement to make our driveway. Well, right about when we got there the lady from the model home arrived. We think she came to check up on us to make sure we were leaving the workers alone and not disturbing them using the crane. As if we need supervision! Anyway, she started walking towards the cement truck looking for one of the guys who was in charge and literally walked right in the middle of the wet cement. It's not rocket science or anything but if I see a big cement truck common sense would tell me that the cement near by was wet. She took one step, and all the guys started screaming but it was too late. She sunk all the way to about mid calf... and she was wearing dress pants and high heels. It was one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed. She was in total shock, and just seeing her try to pull herself out of the cement nearly had us busting a gut. Her trying to pull her one foot out of the cement caused her other foot to go in the cement as well. She was not a happy camper to say the least, and all the workers and us included just could not hold it together. It was hilarious. And her reaction just made the whole situation 10 times better. If she wouldn't have been so mean to us just a couple hours earlier we probably would have felt sorry for her, but it just made it so much sweeter!!

So, 3 years later we are all cozy in our home...

and our bricks... yeah...I guess the "plans" changed. They have made a permanent home in the corner of our garage...doing absolutely nothing but taking up space...

Oh, The things we do for bricks, i mean for love :)

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