Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 2

Click HERE to watch the video from swimming today. Today was kind of a refresher since they had 2 days off, but Dane just picked back up where they left off. I didn't get a whole lot of video today. It seemed like every time it was Dane's turn, and I turned the video on someone would walk right in front of the camera or stand blocking the view. His class ran a little over time today, so just as it was time for Dane to dive and get the rings there were several other kids from the next class walking in, and unfortunately blocking the camera a bit. Anyway, Dane got 2 rings today!! And he is doing good with everything else, or so it seems.

We went swimming this weekend at our neighborhood pool, and Dane was fearless!! He kept stepping off the step, and throwing a fit when we would try holding him in the water that he couldn't touch in! He kept going under the water on his own, and when he would step off and pretty much sink, he would kick and kick thinking he was swimming. It was very stressful. He thinks he can swim, and is so comfortable with the water now. It's a blessing and a curse to have him in swimming I guess. But, with all this he would not float on his back at all for us. I don't think he was scared to do it, I just think he didn't want to. Mr Rudy has a magic spell on him I think, because he doesn't act like that with him!!

Swimming wears Dane completely out... he fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons.

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