Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The pain of Technology

We have been having some major issues with out laptop the last few weeks, but have been able to limp along until now.  It has to go to the Computer Doctor to get the things that are wrong with it fixed before we can continue using it.  I'm pretty bummed about this just because I use the laptop constantly with blogging and editing and storing pictures.  We have a desktop computer as well, but it is older than dirt so it runs very slowly and is just a pain to use. It's fine for checking stuff on the Internet, but trying to upload pictures from my camera and editing them it takes years.  I was going to do it anyway so I could still post rcent pics of Dane on here and not leave our families hanging for too long, but came across some more problems.  Unfortunately, I normally take pictures on my camera in a setting called RAW, it's a setting for editing.  On our laptop I am able to upload them in RAW and then change them to JPEG before uploading to the blog, but I can't figure out how to do it here on the desktop.  It's not even letting me save the pictures on this computer without changing them to JPEG first, so with that being said all the recent pictures that I have taken I'm going to have to hold onto until the laptop gets fixed :(
sorry!!  I hate when my computer is sick.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Strep, Sales, & Sanity

It's been a busy few days.  I'm exhausted, mentally drained and I can't believe I'm about to say this but I'm actually ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Shocking I know.  Dane got sick Thursday night after swimming lessons.  He started running fever, and refusing to get off the couch.  It's a good indication when he has no energy that he is really sick, because his energy level is never low.  So, Friday Kevin took off work, because I wasn't able to skip out on my shift, and took him to the doctor.  After a swab test we were told that he had strep throat.  Great! So, he was kept cooped up all weekend, didn't eat anything until Sunday, and his fever finally went away then as well.

Saturday morning I did my very 1st garage sale with my friend Christy.  Her neighborhood puts on 2 BIG garage sales during the year, so I decided to join this time to make some extra cash for a lens that I have been saving for, and it's a great way to get rid of all the stuff cluttering up my closets.  So, Friday night I brought all the stuff over to her house, and we started setting up and organizing.  I got to her house about 5:50 on Saturday morning, and I think people started showing up at about 6:20.  I'm not sure I was totally prepared for what was going to happen.  There were calm moments, where 1 or 2 customers would be there, and buy the item for exactly for what you wanted.  Then within seconds you would have 25 people all trying to nickle and dime you.  I got overwhelmed a couple times, wasn't sure if I was giving people the correct change or not, and catching people being sneaky with the items they had in their hands.  Basically, people want things for free.  But, we sold A LOT!! We both made A LOT more money than we were expecting, and I didn't have much that I had to pack up and bring back home.  It was a major success, but it wore us out!! It may be a few years if not more before I do my next garage sale.  WOOH!

Saturday night I got to have a dinner out by myself with 2 girlfriends.  It was so needed.  Just to get get away, and have tons of laughs boosted my spirits a little.  It also helped to find out that I wasn't the only one dealing with some major terrible two issues.  It had been on the calendar for a little while, but I was tempted to cancel since little man was sick.  But, Kevin didn't even let me consider that.  I love him for that.  He knows when I just need some girl time, and totally supports me getting away and spending a night with my girls.  Some people don't understand the importance of having girlfriends.  I love being with my husband more than anything, but sometimes I just want to catch up on the drama of my reality tv shows, or talk about if skinny jeans are cute or not,  or just laugh until we cry about our kiddos driving us crazy....and those things can't be done with him.  It's nothing against him, and I am glad that he understands that.

Today I made a quick trip to Orange and back to visit my sister.  Very quick trip, so if I didn't see you that's why.  :)  My mom got to witness Dane not being the sweet adorable dimpled face munchkin he normally is.  She got to see how terrible he has been lately.  Now she knows that I'm not exaggerating about her sweet grandson, and that when I say that I feel like I am correcting every second of the day I really am.   I'm not even really sure what to say, other than that this has made me not judge other moms.  And I ask that yall don't either.  Dane has been a completely different child the last few weeks, completely testing boundaries every 5 minutes, and literally driving me to the brink of insanity.  This is my thought.  When you see mom's out in public either completely losing their patience with their child, or the total opposite and not doing anything at all when their kid is acting crazy I ask that you don't judge them. Don't make comments about what you would do in that situation, or start thinking how you would handle the situation differently.  Because we have no idea what is going on, how long this kid has been acting terrible, what all they have tried in the discipline area, and they may just be at their witts end.  I have gotten looks and comments when I am completely ignoring Dane's bad behavior, and I have gotten looks and comments when people have seen me spanking Dane in public and losing my patience with him.  Give people a break, and just remember that more than likely they are doing their best.

So, today on my way home I stopped at Barnes and Nobles and bought these 2 books by James Dobson.    I've heard that they are both excellent books, and so I'm going to read them and hopefully  they will help offer suggestions with discipline and breaking this strong willed personality without breaking his sweet spirit.

  Because seriously this is getting quite old...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September- I'm so over you

You can tell when I am having a bad blah month by how many times I post on my blog. I noticed yesterday that I had only written 11 times so far this month which is pretty low considering what I normally do. Not that I try to stay between a certain number or anything, but when things are going great I tend to post more than when they are not. I guess it's because I internalize things, and shut down when I'm in a funk. Also I noticed that my favorite possession hasn't been used much this camera. FUNK BE GONE!! It's time for September to hit the road and bring on October. I'm beyond ready for cooler weather that comes with October. It has always been one of my favorite times of the year. It brings holidays and family birthdays, light weight jackets, jeans, chili, & festivals. October... we are ready for you!

Yesterday I came home to this...
my boys playing soccer in the garage.  Dane was having a blast, trying to get the ball in the goal with Kevin blocking it.  And yes, it totally grossed me out that both my boys were playing in the garage with no shoes.  Boys will be Boys.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Date with my Little Date

Saturday I got to spend some much needed quality time with my little man. The last couple weeks have been a struggle as I previously said, and felt like I needed to do something fun with Dane. Maybe he has been acting out lately because I haven't been giving him the attention he is needing. Who knows. Being cooped up at home all day Saturday was NOT an option for me this weekend. Kevin's friend had an extra free ticket to the Aggie game, so of course Kevin jumped all over that. Dane and I wore our maroon to show support for game day, and Dane is all about wearing hats now! :) So, when Kevin left to go to College Station, Dane and I ventured over to ITZ pizza. I'm not really into the whole chuck e cheese type places, but I had saw that ITZ had a choo choo train/roller coaster that I thought Dane would love, so thought we could eat there and ride the train a couple times. I love that Dane is still "free" in most places, so I didn't have to pay for him to eat at the buffet!!

I had to ride with Dane on the roller coaster because he wasn't tall enough, and was quite surprised at how fast it actually was. While in line it didn't look like it was moving that fast, but it went much quicker than I had expected. During the 1st turn when we got whipped around my immediate thought was oh no, I hope this doesn't scare him. But, he loved it! He laughed so hard, and wanted to ride it again and again.

This was my view from the seat on the roller coaster...

We rode the roller coaster 3 or 4 times, and then Dane got to ride these bouncy cars that went up into the air several times as well. He loved this too. He would wave to me every time the car came around to where I was. He was so stink'in cute, and seemed so big riding these rides.

We played skee ball a couple times, which is my favorite game of all time. Dane cheated and crawled up to where the holes were and put every ball in instead of rolling it. We had a great time, we really did. It was fun spending time with my little man, and taking him to do something that he obviously had a blast doing. We left before the big Saturday crowds got there, went home and laid in my bed and watched movies together, while I kept checking in on the Aggie game score! The Aggies had a rough game... nearly lost and was behind the entire game, but came back to win it in the 4th quarter!! Go AGGIES!

****oh and do you see the red mark on Dane's cheek... well we had a Superman mishap earlier in the day. He was climbing on his truck and decided to "fly" to the couch... and you see how that turned out...didn't quite make it and slammed into the corner of the couch****

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I Hide'n Come find Me"...again

It's the new game. Behind blinds, under couch pillows, behind plants etc.

"I hide'n Mommy, Come find me"

There you are

"I hide again"

There you are

"I hide again"

There you are

"I hide again"

There you are

"I hide again"

only one hiding spot per game... but the same amount of excitement no matter if it's the 1st time found or the 100th.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This That & More

Can I be honest for a second? The last couple weeks I have been feeling a little down in the dumps, bummed, having a pity party for 1 or whatever you want to call it. I have a lot weighing on my mind, and struggle with "just putting on a happy face". On top of "real" issues going on, Dane is in a phase of "terrible twos", and it's wearing me out. I thought he had the case of terrible twos before, but it just seems like the last couple weeks they have magnified. It could just be that my patience level has decreased, and all my other frustrations that are going on just make his tantrums seem bigger than before, not sure. He has gotten extremely stubborn and strong willed, and it's like pulling teeth to get him to do whatever it is you want him to do. I feel like I'm constantly threatening to spank him, spanking him, putting him in corners, saying no, taking things away, bargaining with him, counting to 3, and so on. The thing that frustrates me the most is that Kevin doesn't have this problem. When Kevin tells him to do something or says he is going to get a spanking if he doesn't do what is asked, then Dane always gives in. Dane even quotes me now, which is pretty hilarious, but at the time can be so frustrating. He will say "Come Here Now", or "I count to 3, and you get spank'n", or "I'm so proud of you", or my all time favorite is "Yes, I want spank'n". Really???? AAAGGGHHH I'm open to suggestions! But, don't get me wrong he can still be the sweet lil thing that he is too. He's not always bad haha, he is actually pretty funny most of the time and quite the ham. Maybe I just need a vacation...or a girl's night out... or a shopping spree :)

Moving on... Things are still pretty much the same with my sister. She is in bad shape, and needs lots of prayers. I keep hoping that one of these phone calls from my mom will be to tell me some good news about her progress, but at this point it just seems to be the same. It's very disheartening, and sad all that she is going through.

Last week I took Dane to see his orthopedic doctor. He had an x-ray done of his hip, and the point of the appointment was to make sure everything looked the same since he had finished up with his physical therapy. I left the visit feeling wishy washy. It wasn't great news, nor was it bad news. Basically, Dane's hip is still in place, and hasn't moved at all since his last x-ray, which is great. Dr. Gerow was very impressed with his range of motion, his flexibility, his strength etc. He could see a massive amount of improvement from his 8 months of physical therapy. Then he showed me his x-ray, and explained what he didn't like. A normal hip joint is round and completely wraps around the ball of the hip like a cup. Well, since Dane's hip wasn't in place in the beginning his hip joint was pretty flat. The ball of the hip just pretty much sits up against the acetabulum instead of sitting inside of the cup. I guess after all this time, he was expecting the acetabulum to start to form the cup instead of staying flat, and it hasn't. Basically, he would like it to be more round than flat. He didn't seem that concerned about it now, but he wants to watch it and see if it starts to take shape. If it doesn't, well I want even say it.
It's just a frustrating thing to say the least... and the hardest part is that it's just a matter of waiting and watching, and having no control over any of it. Please pray that God starts to make his hip joint into a perfect curved socket.

On a lighter note... I feel like I am potty training 2 different children. Dane is weird when it comes to wanting to sit on the potty. If he is naked he won't have an accident what so ever. But, the second he has on underwear, diaper or pull ups he refuses to use the potty. Trust me when I say I'm not forcing it, or even stressing about it. But, it's just weird that he does so well whenever he is naked. Obviously, I can't let him go naked all the time, and have no idea why this seems to be his choice of training. His teachers at school "try" with him 5-6 times a day, and he hasn't done anything yet in their potties. Now the last time we were in Orange Granny said she was going to the potty, and he immediately said he wanted to go to the potty too, and did! Some days he is all about the potty, and other days he wants nothing to do with it. And that's where we are with that.

Dane is still doing really good in swimming. He no longer has Kaleb, the teacher he had after Rudy. That class was on Mondays, which just made for long Mondays, and to be honest I just didn't feel all that great about Kaleb. Not to be mean or anything, and I know that we were spoiled rotten with Rudy, but something just wasn't right. Dane seemed pretty timid with him, and it just felt like half of the class time wasn't focused on actual swimming, but just playing around. So, we switched to Thursdays, which has been so much better. And, Travis is his new teacher. Things are going great with Travis, and Dane seems to click better with him. He is doing really well with floating on his back, and kicking under the water. He still hasn't quite gotten how to turn over onto his back by himself when he is tossed in the water. He kicks and kicks, but can't get himself on his back quite yet. But, he is getting pretty close, and that is their main focus. If he ever falls or jump into a pool, we want to make sure that he can at least turn himself over to a back float until someone can get him out of the pool. I'll try to upload a video one of these days. It takes hours to do so, and I just haven't had the time or energy to do it.

Here's some pictures from today. We haven't done much lately. Just trying to keep little man entertained, while fighting the heat!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chi Ching

Ever since my Nannaw gave Dane a handful of change about a month or so ago, he has become quite the money man. He now looks for money whenever he is at my parents or grandparents house, and will even ask for it if he sees a dime or quarter laying around. Kevin usually gives him any change that is in his truck as often as he has it. Dane loves to put the change in his piggy bank, and it has gotten pretty heavy the last few weeks.

So, if we are in your house and you have change laying around...

well you won't have it laying around for too long.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tres Amigos - Uno Amigo + Uno Amiga = Dos Amigos and an Amiga

How hard is it to get three 2 1/2 year olds to all sit together and look at the camera while smiling????

I'll let you be the judge

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hide and Seek

Where's Waldo??

I mean Dane.

I can't seem to find him.

Where did he go??? He must have known it was nap time...

Sneaky booger...

If you hide in the tunnel and stick your head out you might just become invisible

Or maybe, just maybe if you hide in the exact same spot every single time there may be a chance that you won't be found...

and get to skip nap time...

There you are!!! I found you!!

Wow, you almost got me this time! There for a second I thought I wouldn't find you and you would be able to skip the nap...

Not a chance!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Quiet as a mouse

9 times out of 10 if little man gets quite and disappears for an extended amount of time you can put money on the fact that he is getting into some sort of mischievous behavior. Usually the quieter he is the more damage that is being done.

So obviously, we were quite surprised yesterday when he went M.I.A, and we found him like this...

just hanging out in his bean bag chair, reading multiple books to himself, and being


just sweet and innocent.

Monday, September 6, 2010

ARE you READY for some FOOTBALL???

It's been a football filled weekend!!

I haven't kept up with my high school's football team what so ever since I graduated from high school, but this past Friday night I was all about the game. How Come? Well, West Orange Stark was playing Friendswood High School which is where Kevin graduated from high school!!! These 2 teams don't normally play each other, but WOS was having a hard time this year filling up their pre season schedule. They have dropped down to a small 3A level, but are still a very strong team, much better than all the 3A teams in the area. The schools in our area that are not in our district didn't want to play WOS because of how good they are, in fear that it would mess up their overall record. So, WOS had to ask 4A schools in the Houston areas if they would play against them for the pre-season. Friendswood is a pretty big 4A school, that has grown tremendously since Kevin graduated from there. So, anyway WOS played FHS Friday night. Oh, and by the way both schools are the MUSTANGS!! Friendswood ended up winning by one point at the very end of the game. Final score was 35-34. What was sad was not the fact that WOS lost, but how small they have gotten since I went there. After the hurricanes that effected Orange lots of people didn't have jobs to go back to, and ended up moving out of Orange. My high school was 4A when I went there, and now they only have 700 students total in the entire school, making them barely 3A. They only have 23 players on the varsity football team, and had to suit up some of their JV players for the game Friday night. My poor high school has just gotten so small...made me sad to hear all that. Anywho...

Let's talk College!!

Saturday Kevin and I got all marooned out, and headed to Aggie Land to see their 1st game against SFA. We were really excited because it had been a couple years since we had been to a game. My mom came into town Saturday to watch the little man. Kevin and I got to leave pretty early and have the whole day to spend together. Of Course, we ate at Free Birds. Can't go to College Station and not eat there. They have the best burritos!! We had tons of time to mess around, visit some of their book stores and buy some new Aggie gear. Outside the stadium there was tons to do and see while waiting for the game to start. Lots of music, food vendors, spirit type stuff. It was a lot of fun just walking around looking at everything, but extremely hot. We were a sweaty hot mess by the time we actually went into the stadium. It's a good thing I brought a pony tail holder to pull my hair up, because I was HOT. Before the game we watched the Aggie parade. It's called something else, but I can't remember what Kevin called it. Basically, all the crews from the core marches in and then the band marches in playing the fight song with the football players behind them all dressed up in suits. The streets are surrounded by fans cheering and screaming Aggie chants, and giving high fives to the players. It was fun to watch and be a part of. Really gets you pumped up right before the game. We had AMAZING seats. Basically, on the 45 yard line, and only like 6 rows up from the field with the band directly to the right of us. Aggie games are a blast, the crowd stands up the entire game, and everyone screams the chants and cheers. So much school spirit!!! The game started at 6:00, so it was still pretty hot when the game 1st started, but once the sun started going down the weather actually felt great! We had so much fun, and the Aggies beat the heck out of SFA!! They won 48-7...great start to their season!! Hopefully, they can continue playing as well as they did Saturday if not better through the entire season.


Lots of Aggie Wins=Lots of Smiles from Kevin

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Heeeyyyy Gu-rl

"So, are you going to go out with me or what?"

Our friends Zach and Sophie started going to Dane's school this week. Zach is in an older class down the hall, but Sophie is in the same class as Dane. How fun is that! I think he was really surprised when the Gonzalez gang walked in on Tuesday to drop off Sophie. So, now he gets to see his girlfriend 2-3 times a week.

Kevin sent me this picture today from his phone when he went to go pick up Dane. Too cute!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010