Monday, September 6, 2010

ARE you READY for some FOOTBALL???

It's been a football filled weekend!!

I haven't kept up with my high school's football team what so ever since I graduated from high school, but this past Friday night I was all about the game. How Come? Well, West Orange Stark was playing Friendswood High School which is where Kevin graduated from high school!!! These 2 teams don't normally play each other, but WOS was having a hard time this year filling up their pre season schedule. They have dropped down to a small 3A level, but are still a very strong team, much better than all the 3A teams in the area. The schools in our area that are not in our district didn't want to play WOS because of how good they are, in fear that it would mess up their overall record. So, WOS had to ask 4A schools in the Houston areas if they would play against them for the pre-season. Friendswood is a pretty big 4A school, that has grown tremendously since Kevin graduated from there. So, anyway WOS played FHS Friday night. Oh, and by the way both schools are the MUSTANGS!! Friendswood ended up winning by one point at the very end of the game. Final score was 35-34. What was sad was not the fact that WOS lost, but how small they have gotten since I went there. After the hurricanes that effected Orange lots of people didn't have jobs to go back to, and ended up moving out of Orange. My high school was 4A when I went there, and now they only have 700 students total in the entire school, making them barely 3A. They only have 23 players on the varsity football team, and had to suit up some of their JV players for the game Friday night. My poor high school has just gotten so small...made me sad to hear all that. Anywho...

Let's talk College!!

Saturday Kevin and I got all marooned out, and headed to Aggie Land to see their 1st game against SFA. We were really excited because it had been a couple years since we had been to a game. My mom came into town Saturday to watch the little man. Kevin and I got to leave pretty early and have the whole day to spend together. Of Course, we ate at Free Birds. Can't go to College Station and not eat there. They have the best burritos!! We had tons of time to mess around, visit some of their book stores and buy some new Aggie gear. Outside the stadium there was tons to do and see while waiting for the game to start. Lots of music, food vendors, spirit type stuff. It was a lot of fun just walking around looking at everything, but extremely hot. We were a sweaty hot mess by the time we actually went into the stadium. It's a good thing I brought a pony tail holder to pull my hair up, because I was HOT. Before the game we watched the Aggie parade. It's called something else, but I can't remember what Kevin called it. Basically, all the crews from the core marches in and then the band marches in playing the fight song with the football players behind them all dressed up in suits. The streets are surrounded by fans cheering and screaming Aggie chants, and giving high fives to the players. It was fun to watch and be a part of. Really gets you pumped up right before the game. We had AMAZING seats. Basically, on the 45 yard line, and only like 6 rows up from the field with the band directly to the right of us. Aggie games are a blast, the crowd stands up the entire game, and everyone screams the chants and cheers. So much school spirit!!! The game started at 6:00, so it was still pretty hot when the game 1st started, but once the sun started going down the weather actually felt great! We had so much fun, and the Aggies beat the heck out of SFA!! They won 48-7...great start to their season!! Hopefully, they can continue playing as well as they did Saturday if not better through the entire season.


Lots of Aggie Wins=Lots of Smiles from Kevin

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