Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Date with my Little Date

Saturday I got to spend some much needed quality time with my little man. The last couple weeks have been a struggle as I previously said, and felt like I needed to do something fun with Dane. Maybe he has been acting out lately because I haven't been giving him the attention he is needing. Who knows. Being cooped up at home all day Saturday was NOT an option for me this weekend. Kevin's friend had an extra free ticket to the Aggie game, so of course Kevin jumped all over that. Dane and I wore our maroon to show support for game day, and Dane is all about wearing hats now! :) So, when Kevin left to go to College Station, Dane and I ventured over to ITZ pizza. I'm not really into the whole chuck e cheese type places, but I had saw that ITZ had a choo choo train/roller coaster that I thought Dane would love, so thought we could eat there and ride the train a couple times. I love that Dane is still "free" in most places, so I didn't have to pay for him to eat at the buffet!!

I had to ride with Dane on the roller coaster because he wasn't tall enough, and was quite surprised at how fast it actually was. While in line it didn't look like it was moving that fast, but it went much quicker than I had expected. During the 1st turn when we got whipped around my immediate thought was oh no, I hope this doesn't scare him. But, he loved it! He laughed so hard, and wanted to ride it again and again.

This was my view from the seat on the roller coaster...

We rode the roller coaster 3 or 4 times, and then Dane got to ride these bouncy cars that went up into the air several times as well. He loved this too. He would wave to me every time the car came around to where I was. He was so stink'in cute, and seemed so big riding these rides.

We played skee ball a couple times, which is my favorite game of all time. Dane cheated and crawled up to where the holes were and put every ball in instead of rolling it. We had a great time, we really did. It was fun spending time with my little man, and taking him to do something that he obviously had a blast doing. We left before the big Saturday crowds got there, went home and laid in my bed and watched movies together, while I kept checking in on the Aggie game score! The Aggies had a rough game... nearly lost and was behind the entire game, but came back to win it in the 4th quarter!! Go AGGIES!

****oh and do you see the red mark on Dane's cheek... well we had a Superman mishap earlier in the day. He was climbing on his truck and decided to "fly" to the couch... and you see how that turned out...didn't quite make it and slammed into the corner of the couch****

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