Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The pain of Technology

We have been having some major issues with out laptop the last few weeks, but have been able to limp along until now.  It has to go to the Computer Doctor to get the things that are wrong with it fixed before we can continue using it.  I'm pretty bummed about this just because I use the laptop constantly with blogging and editing and storing pictures.  We have a desktop computer as well, but it is older than dirt so it runs very slowly and is just a pain to use. It's fine for checking stuff on the Internet, but trying to upload pictures from my camera and editing them it takes years.  I was going to do it anyway so I could still post rcent pics of Dane on here and not leave our families hanging for too long, but came across some more problems.  Unfortunately, I normally take pictures on my camera in a setting called RAW, it's a setting for editing.  On our laptop I am able to upload them in RAW and then change them to JPEG before uploading to the blog, but I can't figure out how to do it here on the desktop.  It's not even letting me save the pictures on this computer without changing them to JPEG first, so with that being said all the recent pictures that I have taken I'm going to have to hold onto until the laptop gets fixed :(
sorry!!  I hate when my computer is sick.

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