Monday, September 27, 2010

Strep, Sales, & Sanity

It's been a busy few days.  I'm exhausted, mentally drained and I can't believe I'm about to say this but I'm actually ready to go back to work tomorrow.  Shocking I know.  Dane got sick Thursday night after swimming lessons.  He started running fever, and refusing to get off the couch.  It's a good indication when he has no energy that he is really sick, because his energy level is never low.  So, Friday Kevin took off work, because I wasn't able to skip out on my shift, and took him to the doctor.  After a swab test we were told that he had strep throat.  Great! So, he was kept cooped up all weekend, didn't eat anything until Sunday, and his fever finally went away then as well.

Saturday morning I did my very 1st garage sale with my friend Christy.  Her neighborhood puts on 2 BIG garage sales during the year, so I decided to join this time to make some extra cash for a lens that I have been saving for, and it's a great way to get rid of all the stuff cluttering up my closets.  So, Friday night I brought all the stuff over to her house, and we started setting up and organizing.  I got to her house about 5:50 on Saturday morning, and I think people started showing up at about 6:20.  I'm not sure I was totally prepared for what was going to happen.  There were calm moments, where 1 or 2 customers would be there, and buy the item for exactly for what you wanted.  Then within seconds you would have 25 people all trying to nickle and dime you.  I got overwhelmed a couple times, wasn't sure if I was giving people the correct change or not, and catching people being sneaky with the items they had in their hands.  Basically, people want things for free.  But, we sold A LOT!! We both made A LOT more money than we were expecting, and I didn't have much that I had to pack up and bring back home.  It was a major success, but it wore us out!! It may be a few years if not more before I do my next garage sale.  WOOH!

Saturday night I got to have a dinner out by myself with 2 girlfriends.  It was so needed.  Just to get get away, and have tons of laughs boosted my spirits a little.  It also helped to find out that I wasn't the only one dealing with some major terrible two issues.  It had been on the calendar for a little while, but I was tempted to cancel since little man was sick.  But, Kevin didn't even let me consider that.  I love him for that.  He knows when I just need some girl time, and totally supports me getting away and spending a night with my girls.  Some people don't understand the importance of having girlfriends.  I love being with my husband more than anything, but sometimes I just want to catch up on the drama of my reality tv shows, or talk about if skinny jeans are cute or not,  or just laugh until we cry about our kiddos driving us crazy....and those things can't be done with him.  It's nothing against him, and I am glad that he understands that.

Today I made a quick trip to Orange and back to visit my sister.  Very quick trip, so if I didn't see you that's why.  :)  My mom got to witness Dane not being the sweet adorable dimpled face munchkin he normally is.  She got to see how terrible he has been lately.  Now she knows that I'm not exaggerating about her sweet grandson, and that when I say that I feel like I am correcting every second of the day I really am.   I'm not even really sure what to say, other than that this has made me not judge other moms.  And I ask that yall don't either.  Dane has been a completely different child the last few weeks, completely testing boundaries every 5 minutes, and literally driving me to the brink of insanity.  This is my thought.  When you see mom's out in public either completely losing their patience with their child, or the total opposite and not doing anything at all when their kid is acting crazy I ask that you don't judge them. Don't make comments about what you would do in that situation, or start thinking how you would handle the situation differently.  Because we have no idea what is going on, how long this kid has been acting terrible, what all they have tried in the discipline area, and they may just be at their witts end.  I have gotten looks and comments when I am completely ignoring Dane's bad behavior, and I have gotten looks and comments when people have seen me spanking Dane in public and losing my patience with him.  Give people a break, and just remember that more than likely they are doing their best.

So, today on my way home I stopped at Barnes and Nobles and bought these 2 books by James Dobson.    I've heard that they are both excellent books, and so I'm going to read them and hopefully  they will help offer suggestions with discipline and breaking this strong willed personality without breaking his sweet spirit.

  Because seriously this is getting quite old...

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