Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swinging out of Babyhood

Yesterday morning I took Dane to the park for a little while. It had been forever since we had some good ol fun at the playground. The main reason being is that I melt in this humidity and heat, so to even think about playing outside is straight up miserable. Could fall please get here already? But, I was feeling a tad guilty that Dane had been cooped up indoors, and watching tv has been our main form of entertainment lately. I'm not going to lie, I love the fact that Dane will actually sit and watch an entire show or movie now because it gives me time to do whatever I am needing to do. However, he will just totally zone out into a zombie while watching cartoons, so I try not to let him do it for too long. So, we hit the park early, and fortunately I didn't melt.

While at the park I was hit with the realization that Dane is no longer a baby. Besides the fact that he still has a baby face, nothing about him is babyish anymore. Hold on, let me grab a tissue, because this breaks my heart. :( Something just as simple as seeing him swing on the regular swing instead of the baby swing, and him telling me to push him higher hit me like a ton of bricks. My word. He is a little person now, with opinions, thoughts, emotions, expressions etc. There are times that I will tell him he can't do something because he is too little (like jumping off the top of the playground) and which he will reply....

"No, I big Mommy"


Indeed he is.

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