Friday, October 15, 2010

Dallas Gang

I love when I have days off from work in a row, because it gives me a chance to travel and see friends and family.  Today was my 1st day back to work after being off for 6 days!! On my time off I literally drove all over Texas from Thursday to Sunday.  After coming back from the carnival, Dane and I ventured off to Dallas to see 2 of my besties.  Dane is such a great traveler.  He is usually pretty content in his car seat the entire time, as long as he has some cars to play with.  He didn't sleep much, but I couldn't complain because he did just fine in the car.  Friday we met up with my Tabby Tab and Dane's BFF, Gage and  went to the Dallas Arboretum to their pumpkin patch.   Dane and Gage absolutely love each other, and it was crazy to see how much they actually interacted this time around.  They held real conversations with one another, would ask and answer questions, and they actually played really well together for the most part.  Of course, they had a few fights, but they would always say they were sorry when being ugly, and the other would say it's ok.  2 peas in a pod for sure.  They had a blast at the pumpkin patch running around everywhere, climbing on the pumpkins, playing in the hay stacks.  I got no good pictures from the day.  I got some, but they are just not up to my standards! haha The boys had no interest in sitting to take pictures, couldn't get them to look at the camera, and the sun was so bright that there is a glare on every picture.  booh! I literally had to bribe Dane with candy just to get the two I did of him sitting with the pumpkins. Anyway it was a great day.  Tabitha and I had a blast watching the boys and catching up with each other!!  

jumping off hay stacks...2 peas in a pod

see 2 peas in a pod...again

and again

I'll give you candy if you sit on the pumpkin and smile

Dane do you want candy?? Luckily I had some to give him!
The next day we went to my friend Ashley's house for her son's first birthday party!! Grant had a football party, so the boys wore their jerseys to support.  Dane was in his Aggie jersey, and they lost and Gage was in his cowboy jersey, and well, they lost too.  Grant is the cutest little thing!! I could just take him home with me!   Both Dane and Gage were without naps at the party, and neither were being angels.  But, it was a good party and I was so glad that I got to hang out with Ashley and Tabitha!!
Ate too much cake...full belly of  SUGAR



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