Sunday, October 17, 2010

DewBerry Farm

Dewberry Farm
1st time there, and will definitely make this a yearly event

Dane liked this plasma car
A huge fort to run and climb on

He was the king of the castle, had a hard time getting him down without a fight

We rode the train that was pulled by a tractor

 his all time favorite was the bouncy pillows

he jumped and jumped, and fell down and leaped and dove

 He had an absolute blast 

shot corn out of canons and hit targets...this was Kevin's favorite

jumped every chance he got

Smiles, Laughs, Giggles & Screams

Ran around on the bouncy pillows until he was out of breath

Lassoed cattle

He thought this was real! 

 He got it!

Enjoyed a snow cone... something got on my lens if you are wondering what that black dot is

 watched some singing chickens

We had a GREAT time! Dane was filthy and worn out when we left!

There was so much to do there that I didn't mention or show pictures from.  We spent the entire day there, and still didn't do everything! Fun Fun Fun Day! Totally Recommend a day at Dew Berry Farm! It is also a Christmas farm, so there are neat things to do there during Christmas also.  

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Farmer Dewberry said...

Always glad to hear when someone has a good time at the farm. Thanks for the kind comments. Hope to see you here looking for a Christmas Tree.
Farmer Dewberry