Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A girl in a boy's world

Before I had Dane I always thought that parents had to "teach" their kiddos gender things for them to like certain things.  For instance you "teach" your boys to play with cars, trucks, and balls.  And girls were encouraged to play dress up, baby dolls etc.  But, I'm finding out that these differences are in their genes, and don't have to be taught.  Boys will be boys, and girls will be girls.  

For instance... Dane's fascination with super heroes.  We haven't taught him to like super heroes. But, it seems that super heroes is a common thing for boys to like.  He got a spider man toy from a kids meal, and that was his first connection to them, and immediately became hooked.  He now likes watching them on TV, and tries to copy everything they do and say.  He likes to pretend he is "super strong", makes the sound effects that they make, and wants to fly all the time now. 

Dane is a typical boy, and it is fun to see all this "boyish" behavior starting to come out.  I learn something new everyday about how boys play and what exactly is "normal" boy behavior...but still feel so clueless and have tons to learn.  I was a girlie girl, did not like to get dirty, and preferred to play with baby dolls or barbies.  I didn't like to build things just so I could destroy it, I most certainly didn't want to fly around the room over and over pretending to be a super hero, and my idea of fun had nothing to do with picking up bugs or critters.  Dane is definitely getting me out of my comfort zone on an everyday basis, and teaching me the ways of being a mother to a boy.  But, I love having a boy.  It's fun and challenging all the same time.  

I am a girl in a boy's world!

Dane pushes a "button" on his hand to make his wings pop out like Buzz Light Year from Toy Story

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