Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gone Fishing

 Dane uses his imagination a lot these days.  Recently I caught him throwing a microphone that is attached to a cord over the banister of our stairs.  He was holding onto the end of the cord, and would swing the microphone part over the banister over and over.  When I asked him what he was doing he looked at me like I was crazy and said in the most matter of fact way...
"I'm fishing"


Well, he did this over and over, not always with the microphone but with whatever he could find that was long and could be thrown. 

So, we thought that getting him a fishing pole would be perfect for Christmas.  A couple Saturdays ago we were out running errands, and stopped in Academy to look around.  We ventured over to the fishing department with intentions of just looking to see if they had any kid fishing poles. Dane was very excited when he saw the little poles, and immediately picked out a pole that he wanted.  He was in hog heaven, for real. He kept talking about going fishing, and how he was going to catch a BIG fish so, we didn't have the heart to make him wait till Christmas. It wasn't even $10 anyway. So, we gave in and little man was so so so thankful.  

This fishing pole is his new love!! He fishes all the time.  It has a pretend fish hooked to it that can be taken off, and he will cast it and reel it in 100 times.  His favorite spot to fish is in our bathtub.  He props himself up in the corner and will sit there for 30 minutes or so just a fishing.  Picture of that coming soon!

The 1st 2 pics aren't of fishing.  Just cute pics from that day at lunch.  The fishing pics were taken after his nap... check out his crazy hair.

Kevin had to play Mr Fix It like every 5 minutes the 1st day we had the fishing pole.  Somehow Dane kept managing to tangle up the string on the pole.  It made us 2nd guess rather or not this was a good idea or not.  But, now he has the hang of it, and hasn't had any problems since.

I think Dane's Grandpa and Poppy would both be so proud of his new hobby!!

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