Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hair gel AGES

"I not baby. I Dane"
-Famous quote by little man himself

 "I want to do it"

Very independent these days.  Wants to do everything himself.  Opening jars, pouring milk, opening and closing doors, taking things in and out of containers, wants to walk everywhere,
getting things out of the fridge or pantry, movies in the dvd player etc etc etc

"I a dinosaur"

Big Pretender now.  Likes to play like he is a shark or monster.  Constantly has toys having conversations with other toys, vivid imagination and has gotten very creative in the last few weeks.
Hilarious to listen to the things his toys say to one another.  

"No talk me like that" 

Has gotten very chatty, says pretty much everything, speaks in sentences, and now quotes things we say to him, which is funny but we can't let him know that.  Just a few examples- "come over here now", "I count and you get spanking", "no touch Dane", "that is very ugly, go sit in corner", "just a minute, I am watching a movie", "no, tell me no", "I'll come in a second, mommy I busy"

But, he also says some very sweet things too... "I love you too", "I'm so proud of you", "I need kiss and big hug", "are you ok, I ok"

"I spider man, I super strong"

Has really started liking super heroes quite a bit.  Loves to pretend to fly, and watch super hero cartoons. 
Spider Man is his favorite, but Bat Man comes in a close 2nd with the Hulk being in the race too. 
 This has made his Halloween costume an easy pick! :)

He likes playing with action figures now as well, but his cars are still his all time favorite toys, which get lined up for a big race or parade several times a day.    

"No touch Dane's hair, that's my hair"

hates to have his hair fixed, but looks so so cute with gel in his hair.  Not so much a baby, but a little man
with his hair fixed. 

If you tell him how cute he is he will respond with "I'm not cute, I Dane".  

And little man no longer says he is 2, but now he says "I not two, I two half".

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