Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Keeps me on my toes...

The little man that is.

This morning  I was watching tv and Dane came in and told me he was going fishing.  So, I told him ok, and that I hoped that he would catch a big fish.  Well, he disappeared off to the fishing hole aka our bath tub like he does so often. When he goes fishing he doesn't like for us to sit in there and watch him fish.  I think he likes to talk to himself and have some alone time.  haha  So, we normally let him fish without us hovering.

All was well until I heard water running.  I jumped up and ran into the bathroom to find him like this.  The water was on, and he was soaked.  Just having a little water fun is all I could gather. Somehow that stool found it's way into the bathroom... it usually is in the kitchen. What am I going to do with him??

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