Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wearing that Again?

Last Saturday we went and rode on the train out in Hockley that is near our house.  On the 3rd Saturday of every month they offer free rides and it is open to the public.  We did this last year, and thought Dane would enjoy doing it again.  Even though he looks grumpy in these pictures he actually really enjoyed it.  He just didn't want me taking his picture.  Fair enough.  He enjoyed it so much that we rode it twice.  It's a nice ride, takes about 20 minutes to get from the beginning to end with you going over little bridges and through the woods.  

Wave at the camera


So, I have to comment on my boys shirts. This is just another way that they are the same.  Dane is wearing his Mater shirt (from the movie cars), and this shirt along with his batman shirt, his green monster shirt, and a Lake Tahoe shirt with a big bear on it get seen a lot in pictures.  And that is because those are his favorites.  So, if he is given the choice with what shirt he wants to wear he always picks one of those 4, and it's usually which ever one he sees first.  If the shirt that he is wanting to wear is clean then we don't fight it.  We let him wear it unless we are going somewhere that a "nicer" shirt needs to be worn.  No biggie.  How does this relate to Kevin??

It's hard to see in this picture but the shirt that he is wearing is a shirt from when we went to Hawaii.  This is kind of an inside joke now, but it seems like every time I want to take pictures of Kevin he is in this shirt. I have seriously SOOOOO many pictures of Kevin from different locations all in this shirt. There have been times that I'm like "you are kidding me, you want to wear that shirt again".  haha He cracks me up.  He claims that it is just a coincidence, that he grabs whatever t-shirt is on top...which he does I'm sure, but if you always wear a shirt it will always be on top...right????

Anyway, that was just a funny and figured yall were wondering when we were going to buy Dane, well and Kevin more clothes, since it "seems" that their closet is very limited. haha

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