Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lions Club Carnival

This past Thursday evening we drove to Orange to take my niece and nephew to the Lion's Carnival. I grew up going to this carnival, and have tons of memories from going every year when I was little.  
The Lion's Club has been putting this carnival on for 60+years, and it's just neat to see a lot of the same rides that were there when I used to go way back in the day.  It's always in the fall, usually in October when it is put on for 2-3 weeks at a time.  

Not only is the carnival a lot of fun, the food is wonderful, and it's extremely cheap to get in and ride the rides the most important thing is that it raises a ton of money for several charities. The carnival is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Orange Lions Club. It allows the organization to help various groups, like making food baskets for Christmas for needy families and sending children to camps during summer and providing eye glasses for those without just to name a few.

I was looking forward to taking Dane this year.  He was the perfect age for all the "kiddie" rides.  My niece and nephew didn't stick around once we got there.  They left us in the kiddie section and went to town on all the big rides.  Guess We're not cool enough to be seen with them.  haha  But, they had a blast, and Dane did too.  We had a lot of fun, the weather was great.  We actually had to put on a jacket once the sun went down.  Good Times!  

The cars was his favorite... he literally rode them about 1000 times

small Ferris wheel
Picture isn't great...Dane is on the left

ooh a convertible
He would wave every single time the car came around. too cute!
He liked the choo choo train also
does he look like he is having fun or what???
He won a Styrofoam airplane in a kiddie game
you would think he won the lottery, excited and happy is a total understatement
held onto it for literally days, until the plane crashed and broke the fin...sad day when that happened

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