Saturday, October 30, 2010

School Festival

Friday night we went to Dane's Halloween party at his school. On the way to the school he was very happy to wear his costume and pumped about playing games to get candy.  Every room was decorated and had a game that the kids could play to win candy or prizes.  Dane was happy about getting candy for all about 2.5 seconds.  The 2nd game he played he got to choose a prize, and he saw toy cars in the bag and from then on he could have cared less about winning candy! Every game after that he was looking for cars in the prize buckets.  I would say that he was a tad obsessive about these cars that night.  ha ok, a tad is a total understatement!! He was nut-so about holding onto the cars and would not let go of them the entire evening.  He wouldn't even put them down long to enough to play games.   He ended up with 4 cars, and was not satisfied with that.  He wanted as many as he could get.  Pretty funny!!

 We had a good time, and got to see the Gonzalez family.  Dane enjoyed playing all the games.  But, he really enjoyed getting 4 new cars!

There was a game where the kids were suppose to push an apple across the floor with their nose.  Little Miss Sophia was like a pro!! She went right over there and did it the entire way.  Hilarious! Dane on the other hand pushed it maybe once or twice and then either just took off running one time to the finish line or another time  just threw the apple across the room.  Silly Goose!

We had a good time.  It was neat to bring Dane to a school party and see him participate in all the games.  He is growing up!!

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