Monday, October 25, 2010

That's Mr P.U to you

We had a quiet weekend, not really doing too much. Friday night we went out for Mexican food, and ended up having to get our food to go.  Yeah, we were that family. The ones with the unruly child. Quite embarrassing actually, and a "chat" with Kevin in the bathroom didn't seem to do the trick.  We'll just chalk that night up to "we were just having a bad day".

Saturday we watched the Aggies beat Kansas, and UT lose to was a good day here at the Wittschen house.  :) If the Aggies could just play like that every game I think Kevin's blood pressure would drop down to a normal range.  ha This was the 1st game that we weren't sitting on pins and needles, and had a comfortable lead the entire game.

We got our laptop back Saturday after 3 weeks in the shop, only to find that the problems we were having were still there, and had not been fixed.  Talk about frustrating.  I miss my editing software that is on the laptop, tired of not being able to make my pictures the way I like them and I'm sick of using this old computer.  Blah!  So, the laptop has been sent back, and we hope that it can be fixed for real this time.  Until then... I am stuck with pictures that aren't edited. :(  But, I did get a new lens recently for my camera.  I have been wanting this lens for literally 2 years now, so it was a HAPPY day when I finally got it. I can thank all the people who came to the garage sale and bought my stuff, and the people who bought stuff from me on Craig's list to give me the extra money so I could get it!!  I'm still trying to figure out how to use it, but I do love it!

Sunday evening we started a new fall tradition.  We carved our very first pumpkin. And when I say "we" I guess I really mean Kevin.  haha We really had no idea what we were doing, so Kevin called to get some carving advice from his parents since he had remembered them doing it when he was a kid. I don't remember my family ever doing the pumpkin thing, so this was a new experience for me.  Dane was all about it, until Kevin cut the top off and Dane saw what was in the pumpkin.  He immediately got grossed out, and started saying "P.U, that's nasty" over and over.  It was hilarious.  I think he was shocked what was in the pumpkin, and wanted no part of it.  He would put his hand over his mouth and make some pretty funny faces.  So, we decided that the only name that fit for the pumpkin was Mr. P.U.  We cleaned out the pumpkin, and then drew on the face that Kevin was going to carve out.  Nothing fancy, but I think Mr P.U turned out really cute.  We didn't want to go too elaborate this year, since we weren't sure how hard it would be, and I didn't want it to look scary just in case Dane might be scared of it once it had a face.  But, he wasn't.  He liked Mr P.U once he was carved. I like Mr P.U also, and I think Kevin did a great job for his 1st time!!  


Christy said...

These pics turned out real cute!!!! I love his expressions!! We will be carving our first pumpkin tomorrow night! Fun! I'm anxious to see the kids' reactions!

The Momoh Family said...

Jayne- He is sooooo cute!! I love his GROSS face!! WOW he is growing up so fast. I love LOVE LOVE your pictures. I wish mine would turn out like that!!