Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kevin took this picture with his phone.  Totally cracks me up. Dane is such a mini me of Kevin.  He just wants to do whatever his daddy is doing. 

Not sure if Kevin will ever be able to wear this beanie again if Dane is around... Dane has claimed it as his own...as he does with everything he puts his hands on.

And might I add that it is the last day of the month.  Which means that Dane is exactly two months away from turning 3.  I'm in denial.  Where did this year go????? :(

Fabulous five

The Griffin Family

Check out another amazing family that lives here in Cypress.  

Gorgeous! And how sweet are these 3 precious girls? 

The attire for this shoot was awesome! Love love love the blue on the girls.  

I'm so glad that I got to get to know this family, they were so sweet and fun!

Monday, November 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Well, our tree is up! Finally! This is the 1st year I waited so late to get the Christmas decorations out. It's been crazy busy with all my photo shoots that I have done recently, on top of my real job. I still need to put something on top of the tree. I'm wanting something new this year, I've never been a huge fan of the star that we have. It looks pretty good though if I do say so myself.  We let Dane "help" with the lights.  And it was STRESSFUL.  So, after the lights were up, we decided that we would just decorate it once he was in bed.  I know that it is sad that he didn't get to help, but it was better for both Kevin and I and our sanity.

He likes the tree though.  This evening I caught him just sitting near the tree staring at it.  He walks around it looking at all the ornaments.  He will stop and say "oh I like that".  He is too cute.  Then he figured out he could take his flashlight and shine it on each ornament.  He was very intrigued looking at his picture ornament from last Christmas.  He kept saying "ah! look at Dane".  Hilarious! 

Can you believe I did another shoot!

The Howton Family

We had a BLAST taking these pictures.  They are a FUNNY FUNNY family, and were just naturals in front of the camera.  The girls loved to pose and ham it up for me, and had a sweet and sassy side.  We took these pictures downtown Richmond, and it has become my all time favorite spot.  Lots of character and neat places to take pictures in front of.  
Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful... on the inside and out...
that's all I can say about this family.  

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We have so much to be thankful for!!! 

Isn't that the cutest lil thing you have ever seen??  
And I think his gobble gobble shirt was just too cute also!! I love how it is in the shape of a football!
We went to Orange to have thanksgiving with my family.  As you can see in the picture above the mosquitoes were terrible, and completely had a feast on the little man.  And his hair is a hot mess.  He woke up with some crazy bed head, and water wasn't really doing the trick! 
Thanksgiving is always at my grandparents house, and we normally have a packed house.  But, this year we had several people missing, so our thanksgiving gathering was fairly small considering.  I think we only had 14 people this year... which seems like a lot, but the house felt very empty.  We normally have about 25, so it was a pretty calm setting this year.  
But, we had a good time getting together and eating some yummy yummy food. There is always so much food leftover, and my grandmother doesn't let you leave the house without giving you loads and loads of things to bring home with you.  
I didn't bring my camera in my grandmother's house, so I have no pictures from the day.  :(
But, I did manage to get a picture of Dane with his Granny and Poppy at their house before the festivities began.  
That evening my parents left to drive to Missouri to visit their friend, so we headed back to Houston to get ready for the biggest game of the year.  The Aggies vs the Longhorns. 
Of course, the boys had to wear their jerseys, and Dane thought that eggs was a great football snack.  Weird.   
Do I need to tell you how the game went???
Yeah, Aggies won! 
It was a very stressful game that involved a lot of screaming at the tv, sighing extremely loud, covering our eyes with pillows etc.  
Kevin and I both have full heads of gray hair and high blood pressure now, but we were so excited!
Sorry Longhorns! It just wasn't your year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! 

Cypress has ALL the good looking families

It's true.  I have never seen so many beautiful families until I started doing these photo shoots.  It must be a requirement to live in Cypress.

Let me introduce you to the McDonald Family
I think it's fair to say that Angie is the Queen of her house, since she is surrounded by nothing but pure handsomeness.
Ladies watch out... there are 3 heart breakers that will be on the loose.

Family Shoot

I have been fortunate enough to have several photo shoots lately.  It has been like a water fall effect.  It started out with a friend asking, and then her friend wanted pictures, and then her friend, and then her friend and so on.  I'm so flattered that all these families want me to take some pictures for them.  It has been lots of fun, and I have gotten so much experience.  I have another shoot this afternoon, and then one tomorrow evening.  Busy busy Busy!

Wednesday, before we left to go to Orange for thanksgiving I had photo shoots with 2 precious families.  They both wanted their pictures at the same place.  It's a gorgeous area, that actually has leaves on the trees that are fall colors.  Don't see that too often here in Houston.

Meet the Chapman Family
They are such a sweet sweet family.  Their daughter was home from college for the holidays so they were very excited to get family pictures done with everyone together.  The boys are 10 year old twins, who are at that age where they don't want to show affection, and get embarrassed easily.  Pretty funny trying to get them to be sweet with their sister or their mom for the pictures.   They were too cute, and the definition of all boy.  I would be taking pictures of the others or talking to the parents and look over and find them climbing trees or wrestling with each other on the ground. Hilarious.  But, I had so much fun capturing these pics, and had a great time hanging out with this family.