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120 mph SURPRISE

This blog contains an overload of pictures and just as many words.  It is possible that your eyes could go blurry due to an excessive brain overload and turn to a big tub of mush.  
This post contains a lot of adrenaline, crazy hair, and HUGE smiles.  
This could cause serious harm if not done with trained professionals.
You may want to sit down for what you are about to see. 
Please know that you have been forewarned...

Kevin's 35th birthday was Saturday, October 30th!! **Paw Paw Alert**

And Since I feel like 35 is a big birthday I really wanted to do something special for him. The last couple years he has had low key birthdays, but this one was anything but low key!!!  I racked my brain for a couple weeks in early October trying to think of something great.  I looked up Houston events online, concerts, sporting events etc etc.  But, nothing was really catching my attention.  And then one day while I was at work I had an epiphany.  This idea hit me, and I knew that this was it!! Probably the best idea I have ever had, if I do say so myself. He had mentioned doing this on several occasions to me, but it's one of those things that you would never sign up to do. The tricky part was having to keep this a secret for a good 2 1/2 weeks.  I got it all organized and even went ahead and paid for it, because I was pretty confident that he would be very excited.  

Well, Saturday morning my mom along with my niece and nephew started making their way to Houston.  I get a phone call about 30 minutes into their drive from my mom saying that she had a blow out on the highway.  I have to admit that initially hearing this I started to doubt what I had planned.  I thought could this be a sign that this isn't a good idea? I brushed it off, and luckily a wrecker wasn't far from my mom on the road  and was able to change her tire within 20 minutes.  Also, she had a regular size tire as a spare so she was able to continue on at a normal speed.  All was well.

Once they arrived Kevin and I headed out to go eat at Buffalo Grill, which Kevin had been craving for weeks now.  He loves their breakfast, and was really looking forward to having his birthday brunch there.  Well, we get in line to be seated, and within about 10 minutes of being there we are told that they are having to close the restaurant because the kitchen had caught on fire.  Seriously! Talk about really starting to doubt if these were all signs that we should not go to our destination. In my mind I was freaking out!! Kevin had no idea what was planned or he probably would have freaked out too!  We decided on PF Chang's to eat lunch, but as we started to drive over to the restaurant we got scared that they may be a restaurant that didn't serve lunch.  So, I had decided that if they didn't then everything was canceled and I would come up with a plan B. 

Whew! They did! And we had a wonderful lunch! And the day started going smoothly after that.  
We got in the car and I made Kevin put on a blind fold.  I didn't want him to see where we were going, because I didn't want anything to give it away.   

We arrived.  And I told him to take off his blind fold. 
That's right my friends!!! SKY DIVING!!!
He was shocked! At first he didn't say anything, just looked at me and out the window over and over.  I asked him if this was a bad idea, and he immediately said no no this is great! He was probably thinking why did I ever say I wanted to do this, now I really have too!! haha 
As we were standing out in the parking lot he got a little nervous! But, quickly the nerves went away and he started to get pumped and was ready!!
He had to fill out a consent basically saying that he is aware that this could cause bodily harm or even death, and that they could not be sued if his parachute did not open! The consent packet did not sugar coat anything,   and it was a little unsettling to read! But, it wanted to make sure that there was no confusion that this was a risky adventure! I think this is about the time that I started to feel nervous!!! I couldn't believe that I had signed my husband up to do this!
Mr Cool, not nervous at all! 
After filling out paper work we had to attend a "class" to get an idea of what was going to take place.  Basically, what I gathered from it was that he would be wearing a suit, attached to a tandem diver and they would be jumping out of the plane! Pretty simple! 
I wanted to make sure that I got this experience on video!! They offered a video guy to jump out with him and capture it all on tape.  They did a pre- interview, talked to him on the plane, and videoed the entire jump and interviewed him afterwards.  Pretty neat! It's a 7 minute video, so I'm not sure if I will be able to load it on here... but I will try!
This is Pat below...the Tandem diver who would be attached to Kevin.  I told Pat several times to make sure that he attached Kevin correctly! I wanted him safe and sound! Everyone that worked there was real nice, but were all adrenaline junkies...not your normal everyday type of people.  :) But, Pat was cool and assured me that Kevin would survive and he would love it!

 Right before they were about to go wait on the plane Pat asked if I wanted to observe and ride with them.  He acted like it was a regular plane ride, and I would watch them jump and then the plane would take me back down.  Sounded awesome so I agreed.  I wasn't expecting to be able to go up in the plane with them, but I was really excited to be able to take pictures of Kevin on the plane.  I had a little surprise waiting for me, that I will probably never forget.  
Here's Kevin on the plane with several other guys who were also going sky diving for their 1st t time as well.  There were probably 20 people on the plane with the tandem and video guys included. 
The pilot of the plane.  I found out afterwards that she was only 23 years old!!! 23 years old and had her pilots license!! Crazy! 
I got to sit in the cockpit with her right next to all the controls.  Crazy!! And I was very nervous that I had to sit there.  Basically watching her steer the plane and seeing the ground below us was just freaky.  Totally different from any other plane ride I have ever been on.  Going up wasn't so bad... Getting to watch everyone jump out right in front of me was awesome.  My stomach was feeling the nerves though as I watched my hubby jump out with no fear! I just prayed that he would land safely!

 Once everyone jumped out I was left on the plane with just the pilot.  The plane with the door open and empty looked a bit eerry!! I felt like I had just seen a movie with the military jumping out of a plane.  The guys jumped out extremely fast, and they didn't wait any time between each person.  One right after the other.  And then you could look down and just see all these guys flying in the air! What a sight!!

Then it was time to head back to land.  Without warning the pilot dove the plane straight down.  I thought we were going to die. I was holding on to the arm rests with clenched fists and was pretty much in a fetal position.  She did this for a while and then leveled out and then did it again 2 more times.  My stomach was in my throat, and I was nearly hyperventilating.  Not kidding. It was the scariest ride I have ever been on. I found out afterwards that it was totally normal because she has more people to get up in the air, so she waste no time. But, the guys that worked there thought it was hilarious that she gave me no warning that she was about to do that.  If I had known the flight was going to be like that  I wouldn't have done it! I would have kept myself on the ground safe and sound! I thought it would have been like a regular southwest flight!! Not so much! ha I got my surprise!
Here is Kevin on his tandem's lap getting hooked up.  Talk about awkward!! haha 

And HERE HE GOES!!!!!!
 He was 14,000 feet up in the air and fell at 120 mph!!! He free fell for 60 seconds, and then was able to pull his parachute once he hit 6,000 feet. Once the parachute was pulled they slowed down and it took about 8 minutes to get down to the ground.  Check out his hair and his huge smile!!! It is such a riot!! We cracked up when we saw these pictures!!! 

The parachute opened!!! Can I get an AMEN!!
This is his "That was Awesome" look!
2 thumbs up!!! He wanted to do it again!!

Kevin loved it!! I should get him to do a post describing what it felt like! He kept saying the words AWESOME and AMAZING and INCREDIBLE!!  I'm so happy that he was genuinely so excited to be able to sky dive and that it was an wonderful experience for him! I think this was a GREAT birthday!! Not only did he sky dive but the Aggies beat Tech, and Texas lost to Baylor which just added some extra UMPH to his big day!! haha

My dare devil AKA my cute hubby!!
Happy Birthday My Love!!! 

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