Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Child Prodigy

A few days ago we were driving on the feeder of the highway when Dane out of nowhere says "look there's an octagon".  Kevin and I both were like "WHAT??" We had no idea he even knew that word, much less the shape.  We looked around and saw what he was looking at.  The wall of the overpass had hundreds of what looked like octagons, but really they were hexagons.  But, obviously it's really close to an octagon with the same shape just not as many sides.  So, we were shocked that he even pointed that out.  Later on the same day while driving we were stopped and once again Dane said he saw an octagon and he pointed to a stop sign. I think we can thank Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for Dane learning what an octagon is. Or maybe my child is a genius.  ha just kidding.  It's really neat to see not only the things Dane is learning but how he is applying it to what he sees around town without us prompting him.  Sometimes he will  be eating and see that his food has made a certain shape and will identify it, for instance a chip in the shape of a triangle or crackers in shapes of circles.  It usually comes out of nowhere without us asking him what shape things are.  It's like his little brain is just a turning all the time.
So he is a pro with triangles, circles, diamonds, hearts, stars, octagons, and squares.  He knows rectangles about 90% of the time, but this is the shape that will trip him up sometimes and he will call a big square the other 10%.

Lets talk colors.  Red, blue, green, pink, white and black Dane knows backwards and forwards. Sometimes he knows yellow or yeyo as he calls it, never knows orange, and likes to say purple when asked and it's a color he doesn't know.

Dane loves to count now.  If he is playing with his cars or animals he is constantly wanting us to count with him.  Sometimes he counts perfectly, other times he throws random numbers in the mix.
He says either one, two, phee, phour, five, ix, ewevin, eight, nine, ten, ewevin, twelve, tirteen ( he does this when being in a serious counting mode and has gotten up to 15 a couple times)
or he will start with phee, and then say four, five, six, ewevin, tirteen, ewevin, eight, phee, tirteen ( this is more his silly counting when he isn't counting for real)
........ and yes he says ewevin (eleven) for seven--  really cute.

See he's a prodigy.  He gets his smarts from me. HAHA totally just joking.  If anything he gets him smarts from Kevin.  But, I just want to remember all that he is able to do now.  I know that these aren't anything that crazy.  Just normal toddler stuff.

When singing the ABC's he will join in on certain letters.  It's mainly the letters at the end of each verse or whatever you call it.  He knows the letters that I have capitalized ... so everyone sing with me.... ABCD...ef...G... hijk...LMNOP....qrs...TUV...wux...YandZ.   Get it? haha Anyway, he is getting pretty good at singing this along with the chorus of The wheels on The Bus, Row Row Row your Boat, and parts of Old Mc Donald had a Farm.

That pretty much covers all of it...or all that I can remember at the moment!

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