Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

It has been brought to my attention that I have completely left you guys hanging on how Dane is doing in his swimming lessons.  Well, excuse me!! ha! And I have a valid excuse as to why I haven't shown an updated video in a long time...when he was with the instructor Travis, and well Kaleb he wasn't in a good spot in the pool.  So, I stopped videoing him because you had to squint to make out on the video which one was the little man.  And the fact that it literally takes an eternity to upload a video on here was just an extra bonus or an another excuse for me dodge it.

But, you guys are in luck. I have decided to tough it out tonight and upload a video.  Dane is floating on his back perfectly now, without any assistance so I have to share.  He has really been able to do it for about a month and a half, but Kevin and I swap each week who brings him and we both have forgotten to bring the camera the last few weeks.  About a month ago Dane's teacher got switched yet again.  Travis was no longer able to do Thursdays, so we were given the option to either switch days his swimming lesson was on or switch instructors.  Well, Thursdays work out for us better than other days so I decided to just go ahead and switch to a different instructor even though I hated to do that once again to Dane since he had gotten pretty used to Travis.  But, things always work out the way they are suppose to.  He has been with Miss Heidi for a little over a month now, and I have to say that she honestly is up on the pedestal with Rudy.   She is awesome, Dane loves her and he has improved tremendously since he has been with her.  She is super sweet, very affectionate with him, and just really good with the kids.  Dane tends to flirt with her the entire lesson by giggling and flashing his dimples and being silly.  I really like her and happy that it all worked out.  Dane is doing very well in swimming.  It is amazing to watch him, because every week he just seems to get better and better.  He can float on his back like I said above completely without someone right there, he can also now flip over to his back with out help when put on his stomach, and has really started to move his arms and legs better now when "trying" to swim.  Once he has completely mastered being able to turn himself over they will start working  a little harder on the actual "swimming" part of the process.  Their main initial goal I believe is to make sure that if in an accident he would be able to survive or float until someone could rescue him.  But, I am very proud of him.  He is learning a lot, and has improved so much.

So here is a video from today's lesson.  He floated on his back for a good 4 minutes straight, but I shortened it so it wouldn't take too long to upload.  And it's a tad blurry because I had zoomed in to see him better.  Enjoy my little swimmer!!

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