Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Madness

Kevin is off this entire week.  I'm so jealous!! It is NOT easy to have your alarm go off at 4:45, and to look over and see that your hubby is all snuggled up in his blankets knowing he gets to sleep in.  Well, until the little man wakes him up which is usually by 7ish.  So, my work day was rough today.  And it will be tomorrow also.  We are slammed right now with patients that are trying to get their treatment done by the end of the year.  Just one more day, and then I will be off for Thanksgiving.  YEAH!

While at work Kevin sent me a text, and it came at the perfect moment.  I was worn out, frustrated and just "over" being at work.  But, this text just completely cracked me up.  So, I have to share:

Kevin said that he burped, and then this conversation took place...
Dane-- "you burped!" 
Kevin-- "Yes, Excuse Me"
Dane-- "It happens"

He cracks me up for real!!  He is so funny.  I love it!

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