Monday, November 29, 2010

O Christmas Tree

Well, our tree is up! Finally! This is the 1st year I waited so late to get the Christmas decorations out. It's been crazy busy with all my photo shoots that I have done recently, on top of my real job. I still need to put something on top of the tree. I'm wanting something new this year, I've never been a huge fan of the star that we have. It looks pretty good though if I do say so myself.  We let Dane "help" with the lights.  And it was STRESSFUL.  So, after the lights were up, we decided that we would just decorate it once he was in bed.  I know that it is sad that he didn't get to help, but it was better for both Kevin and I and our sanity.

He likes the tree though.  This evening I caught him just sitting near the tree staring at it.  He walks around it looking at all the ornaments.  He will stop and say "oh I like that".  He is too cute.  Then he figured out he could take his flashlight and shine it on each ornament.  He was very intrigued looking at his picture ornament from last Christmas.  He kept saying "ah! look at Dane".  Hilarious! 

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