Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Spider Man is still making daily appearances here at our house.  
He usually arrives early in the morning when Dane first wakes up and he wants to hang out all day unless we have places to go. There has been several nights in a row that Spider Man manages to make an appearance as well.  Spider Man gets pretty worn out when he is here.  He flies a lot, and swings and jumps and we can't forget about saving all the "people" that are here.  

Spider Man went down for a nap, and I was expecting or hoping for a good 2 hour nap so I could relax myself.  But, after about 30 minutes of being in his room Spider Man came out and was wide awake.  I didn't force him to go back, since he seemed to be "refreshed" after his cat nap.  So, several hours later in the afternoon I put on some cartoons for him to watch while I took a shower, and put away some laundry.  After a little bit (like 5 minutes) I walk in to find Spider Man completely passed out.  
It's hard being a super hero and flying from couch to couch all day. 

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