Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

This was Dane's 1st year to go trick or treating.  The last 2 years he has been sick on Halloween, so we were really looking forward to it this year.  He talked about going trick or treating pretty much all day, and waiting for dusk or dark seemed to take all day.  No Pun intended.  The day went by very slowly, probably because Dane was asking every 5 minutes to go trick or treating and to put on his Spider Man costume.  We did let him wear his costume the entire day, but we had to keep telling him that we had to wait until it got dark to go knock on doors to get candy.   Then finally it was time.  The streets began to fill up with kiddos, so we started making our way down the street to all the houses that had on their porch lights.  Several of our neighbors were sitting outside passing out candy.  We would have never guessed that this was Dane's 1st time to trick or treat.  He would walk right up to the door and knock or to the person outside with the candy and say trick or treat, and would pick out the candy that he wanted.  He even said Happy Halloween several times, and he would say thank you for the candy.  He had a great time.  We brought the wagon along, and after about 45 minutes of trick or treating he wanted to ride instead of walk.  So, that was our clue that he had had enough, and it was time to go back home and pass out candy to the rest of the trick or treaters.  Another clue that we had trick or treated enough was when his bag got pretty heavy and he started putting it in the wagon instead of holding it.  He racked up on some good candy!! Mommy was very excited! :) Once we got home we let him dig through his loot and eat a little bit of candy.  Every time the doorbell would ring he would run to the door, open it and say HI TRICK OR TREAT! It was so cute, and he had a blast handing out candy.  He was actually very generous and would give handfuls to each kid at a time.  We ended up running out of candy pretty quick because of this, but he was having so much fun telling the kids hello and looking at all the costumes and throwing lots of candy in their bags.  At one point Batman knocked on the door and Dane opened it and said Hey it's Batman, I Spider Man!  We had quite a few trick or treaters this year! I think Halloween was a SUCCESS this year!  I really enjoyed seeing Dane dressed up and go door to door asking for candy. It was a great night, really a great last few days! Dane loves his costume so much that he has wanted to sleep in it the last 3 nights! So, we have let him... it's his new favorite pj's! And he gets upset when we haven't let him wear it to school.  I hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween!!

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