Thursday, November 4, 2010

White Boys can Jump... and Dance

Well you are getting spoiled today.  2 videos in 1 night!! Say what???  What can I say... I uploaded one and thought what the heck, I'll do another.  Your welcome.

This is just Dane being silly as usual.  He is quite the ham, and loves to make us laugh. He likes to play on our bed, and just sometimes if music is playing we can catch him busting out some dance moves.  He only dances  occasionally and it's usually when we aren't expecting it or for sure don't have the video camera any where near us.   It's a cute video if you can forgive me for the way I sound in it.  Next time I am videoing him I need to remember to be quite! Because I do not sound good at all! Hate hearing myself on here!

Oh by the way can I just get a WOOHOO...we got out laptop back from the shop.  I don't want to say anything to jinx it, but so far it seems like maybe the problem has been fixed!! YEAH!!!

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