Wednesday, December 29, 2010

23,725 days!

Can you wrap your head around that number???? 

On December 22 that's how long my grandparents had been married.  23,725 days and counting.  It's hard for me to imagine ever getting to that number....That seems like such a long time from now.  I hope that Kevin and I are lucky enough to get to at least half that number.  

So, that day my mom fixed a BIG Christmas lunch for us and my grandparents came over as well.  I wanted to do something little for my grandparents that day since we were going to be missing the get together that my whole family on my mom's side was having the next day.  So, I gave them their Christmas presents and had a little cake made for them.  I loved just being able to spend time with them on their anniversary.  

My grandmother got married when she was only 15 years old!! Yes, you heard me right, 15 years old.  My grandfather was in the navy and was 20 when they said their I do's! In this day and age that would have not been acceptable, and would have been looked down upon because of her age. It was different back then.  But, 23,725 days later they are still going strong.  And if you don't want to do the math they have been married 65 years! 65 years!!!! It's hard to believe! 
My grandparents are the most unique people I have ever met.  I don't think anyone could be as loving, forgiving, self sacrificing, comforting, inviting, welcoming etc as they are.  It's hard to put into words how awesome they are.  They put the Lord first in everything they do, and then their family always comes before anything else.  They have done so much for every single person in our family.  I'm so happy to have them as my grandparents!!!  

Aren't they just the cutest?????
She was so excited that I gave her a framed picture of Dane.  I could have given her a paper bag and she would have given me the same response. She is the easiest person to please, loves everything and thinks everyone is beautiful...such a wonderful person  


*** Kevin just busted my bubble and told me that the number of days I figured out is wrong, because I forgot to add in leap years! Um...SMARTY PANTS***

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