Friday, December 10, 2010

3rd times a charm right????

Well tomorrow is a big day.  It could go really well, or be yet another traumatic experience for the little man.  We are going to take him to see Santa, and are hoping for the best.  HA  We are 0/2 for calm Santa visits. He seems to understand this year that Santa is going to bring him toys on Christmas, and it seems that he is very excited about that.  He has been watching the movie Rudolph that he got last year (Thanks Grandma & Grandpa) over and over, and he recognizes who Santa is.  Anytime that we ask him if he would like to see Santa and tell him what he wants for Christmas he will reply with yes, I want a BIG BUZZ or a RACE TRACK or SUPER HEROS.  The list goes on and on. This is my prediction... I think he will stand next to him, and MAYBE whisper a toy that he wants, but refuse to sit on his lap and take a picture with him.  I could be way off, but that is what I'm betting on.  It should be interesting needless to say. 

If you don't remember how it went the last 2 years and need a laugh  here is a walk down memory lane.

To read about what happened his 1st Christmas in 2008 click Here 
Poor little booger was still in that clingy stage and when we put him on Santa's lap he just lost it.  But, he chilled out long enough to snap the picture.  You can still see how red faced and puffy he was after the crying stopped.

But, the real traumatic time was last year while we were visiting Kevin's parents in New York.  To relive that click HERE  You'll have to scroll through the 1st part to see the Santa visit.  Wow. TRAUMATIC! We ended up in the picture and Santa had to sneak in behind.  Hilarious!

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