Monday, December 6, 2010

Busy Weekend

Whew! What a weekend.  It went by at the speed of lightening, and we are pooped.  Thursday I attempted to get some pictures of little man in his new Christmas outfit.  Talk about a hard shoot.  I didn't have Kevin with me to act silly and get his attention, so I was forced to use bribes and threats to try to get him to sit just long enough to snap his picture.  He was running and laughing while screaming haha you can't catch me! Little stinker.  He was completely filthy when we left due to him thinking he needed to jump off rocks, play in the dirt etc.  I did manage to get a couple good shots.  I'll save those for our Christmas cards.  I had originally after taking these pictures thought I wouldn't send any this year, was feeling overwhelmed and thought I would just skip it this year.  
But, this morning I started feeling guilty and decided that I would. So, those will come hopefully, sometime before Christmas.

Friday night Kevin and I helped with a charity event called Angels of Light with our church.  Basically, the church brings in thousands of low income families from all around Houston and feeds them a meal, and then gives them toys for their kids gifts cards for clothes and bags of groceries.  It's a neat thing to be a part of.  To see these families faces light up when given all this stuff that they wouldn't be able to purchase themselves is an amazing feeling.  It is something that sticks with you forever.

Saturday Dane and I did some piddling and running errands, and then that evening I took some pictures of my friends the Gonzalez Family.  Is it weird that I was nervous! Yes, it is considering that Christy has been one of my closest friends since about 1998, and Gabe joined in on the fun around 2000.  HA But, we had a great time catching up while snapping some pics.  Here are just a few.  Christy- if you don't like we can do a re-do :)... you know that's how we do.

Sunday evening Christy and I took a mini road trip to the BIG city of Weimar to see our other girlfriend, Dallas.  She was having a scentsy (candle) party, really just an excuse for us to drive over and spend some QT with girlfriends.  We had a blast, and didn't get home til late last night.  No pictures.  Wasn't feeling very cute, so I didn't bring my camera.  :)  I have another photo shoot this evening, and then plan on doing absolutely nothing tomorrow.  My days off have gone by so fast.  Really disappointed about that!

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The Jarmons said...

ok...i just left a comment and now its i will start over...those are awesome pics...of d and christys crew. thats what i wanted to do to, but since it doesnt seem like we will be able to meet bfore Christmas then I guess its gonna have to wait...maybe next