Sunday, December 19, 2010

Candy Land

Recently Toys R Us was having a BIG sale on their board games.  And when I say BIG I mean like they were selling them for $1 and $2 a piece.  Crazy!  So, I couldn't resist and ended up buying a few.  One of the games I got was Candy Land.  I had this game when I was little, and thought Dane would enjoy it.  We pulled it out today and attempted to play.  Dane didn't quite get the concept and ended up making his own rules.  You are suppose to draw a card, and what ever color you get you move to that colored square.  Well, Dane only wanted blue.  Anytime he would pull another color he would say no and want another card until he got a blue one.  Pretty funny.  He was pretty good at taking turns, but he would want to put his man on the board where he wanted it, not on the colored squares.  What was funny was that when he would pull a card Kevin would ask him where that color was.  For instance if he pulled an orange card Kevin would say can you find a orange square?  And instead of pointing to one of the squares on the game board, he would say "its right here" and instead show Kevin the card he drew that had the orange square on it.  Such a cutie!! Maybe one day he will get it.  He had fun though, even if he never got to the candy castle!

And isn't he just so stinking cute without his shirt on??????? I love it! While eating chocolate we took his shirt off, so he didn't get it messy and he didn't want to put it back on afterwards.

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