Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Cypress

After my mom's big Christmas lunch on Wednesday we had to say our goodbyes to everyone and pack up and head back to Cypress.  Our truck was sitting a little lower coming home with all the Christmas loot in the back seat.  Kevin's parents had made it into town from New York, and were waiting to see the little man.  We got back too late to really do anything that evening, but Dane didn't waste any time showing his grandparents his new toys.

The next morning after breakfast we went bowling at the bowling alley off Bunker Hill.  They had remodeled their entire facility, and I have to say it was the fanciest bowling alley I had ever been to.  It didn't have the bowling alley feel I was used to, more like a swanky night club. The light colors would change periodically. It was really nice! Anyway, we bowled a couple games and I think Kevin had the highest score both times.  I'm going to blame my very low score on the fact I let Dane bowl on my turn several times.  Um, yeah.  Dane had fun putting his ball on the little kids ramp that they offered and watching it occasionally hit pins.  I couldn't believe that they actually had bowling shoes to fit him!! So cute! Some of these pics are little blurry, but wanted to post them anyway.  I need some work taking pics in weird lighting situations.  After bowling we headed down to Big Woodrows to pick up our Christmas turkey.  It's a sports bar that makes Cajun fried turkeys for the holidays... DELICIOUS! seriously.  I'm not a huge turkey eater, but this turkey is so yummy.  Kevin and I have gotten one I think 3 years in a row now.

look at that form!

Go Dane's ball!

pointing to his ball

no fear...the kid balls weren't heavy at all...look at his little bowling shoes!

After making it home we all relaxed while Dane napped.  That evening we piled into my car and went and looked at Christmas lights in a nearby neighborhood that is popular in our area for Christmas lights.  There wasn't as many extravagant lit up houses like a couple years previous when we had gone, but it was enough for Dane.  He had a great time riding around and pointing to the different characters in the yards. I love looking at Christmas lights, helps to get you in the spirit.  There were long lines going in and out of the streets, and everyone had their windows opened and children would lean out of their windows and yell Merry Christmas to passing cars.  
Doesn't he look adorable in his baseball hat... he has been wanting to wear it a lot lately, and he has to put it on himself
This picture doesn't do this house justice whatsoever.  Lights were everywhere, and there was a hodge podge of hundreds of decorations in the yard. I think it might win Tackiest house this year! ha
Next up...Christmas Eve

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