Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in the Fruit Part 2

Not sure how this came about or whose idea it was but somehow Dane's poppy agreed to take him to the store and buy him a big dinosaur. I'm thinking maybe Poppy mentioned that he needed a big dinosaur, and Dane just ran with it and asked him to buy one. Who knows! ha All I know is that I came home from running errands and Dane was very excited and was ready to find his shoes that night.  He told Dane that when he got home from work the next day they would go.  Well, that's all Dane talked about that night and the next day. That morning when he woke up he stood by the door and was ready to go with Poppy to the store.  Well, Poppy ended up getting off work early that day and came home and kept his promise to the little man. They were off on an adventure to find a big dinosaur!

They found a dinosaur that met all the criteria.  Dane really likes this dinosaur because it is from the movie Toy Story.  It is suppose to ROAR when you squeeze it, but instead it sounds more like a duck call.  Hilarious! But, Dane loves it.  And he was very thankful that his Poppy took him to get it! He was racking up on the toys, and we hadn't even done our Christmas presents yet!! 

That afternoon Granny and Poppy let Dane and my niece and nephew open up some of their presents.  Dane is definitely a pro this year at tearing into a package, he needed no help what so ever.  He really enjoyed tearing into them, breaking open the boxes and checking out what he got.  No matter what the present was, he usually reacts in an excited way.  Even with pjs... he was so excited and hugged them tight!! Well they were toy story pjs, so maybe that's why he was sooooo excited! HA  It's always fun watching the kids open their Christmas presents from Granny and Poppy.  They always get a lot of neat stuff, and are so happy as they open each present.

 We took some of their presents that evening to the facility my sister is staying in right now, so she could watch and be apart of some of the present opening.  One of Dane's presents that he opened there was a Batman car that crashes into things... I'm sure my mom was thinking she should have chosen another gift to let him open there! HA That car was running into everything, and Dane was being so loud as he played with it. He would scream and laugh so loud...pretty funny!  Obviously he liked it though!! These pictures here aren't great...guess it was the fluorescent lights.  Santa hadn't even come yet, and Dane had a carload of new toys! WOW!

Opening up all these presents wore out the little man.  He slept like a rock that night!!!!

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