Thursday, December 30, 2010


Didn't think I would ever get to Christmas...6 posts later and here we are.  Whew!

So, Christmas morning I woke up at the crack of dawn.  Don't know why, other than I was paranoid that Dane was going to wake up and go into the tv room climb up on the couch to turn the light on like he does occasionally and then see all the presents and we would miss the whole thing.  I know call me weird.  So, we put our formal dining chairs in front of the door, and then I STILL ended up waking up extremely early.

Dane didn't wake up til 8:30!! We actually had to go in his room and wake him up, because we were ready to start Christmas morning!  So, Kevin and I got ready in the tv room with the camera and video camera, and Grandma and Grandpa brought him in.  He immediately ran to the presents, and was so excited! Guess Santa didn't mind that no cookies were left. He gave us the reaction we were wanting when he saw his Buzz Light Year and Batman trike.  He was VERY excited!!!  Then he noticed all the presents behind it, and said "look at all those presents for me".  So, we started letting him tear into the presents.  Grandpa and Kevin were the designated "put together and take out of box" guys.  I don't think he even noticed the HUGE car mat that Santa brought.  He was overwhelmed with everything else.  But, once we showed him how his cars could ride on the mat he loved it!!  Actually don't think there was a present he didn't like.  He got so many great toys, and was really excited all day. It's such fun having Dane at this age at Christmas time.  I think he gets it better now, and his reactions are just priceless!

***  these pictures aren't great, and I'm mad at myself for it.  I took these pictures with a flash and shouldn't have...I knew better, but was scared that I would miss something if trying to be fancy with my camera :(   ***

I love this!! Can't believe I caught him making this face, but so glad that I did!

Santa came through with Buzz!! I was afraid that maybe I didn't get a big enough one, because there are some really BIG ones (but also really big in price), but he LOVES it!! Actually Loves it is a total understatement!
Batman is on the loose

this laser arm band that Buzz Light Year wears was in his stocking... Santa should have thought twice about this... very annoying sound when pushed over and over.... Dane literally pushed it all day :)
can't go wrong with a bag full of Toy Story toys
Race Track!! Santa didn't see that this required 2 different types of batteries on this one and had to make a trip to Walgreen's later that day to get some C batteries... worth it bc this is Definite favorite!
Grandpa playing "Mr Fix it"
Robot that shoots out race cars... right up the little man's alley
Kevin did his fair share of putting toys together also!
Dane's new best friend... BUZZ LIGHT YEAR, I come in Peace
Dane's 1st remote control car...took a little while to figure it out, but now has become really good at driving it around the house.
We ended up going to see a movie on Christmas day.  Kevin and I went and saw the movie "The Little Fockers", and Grandma and Grandpa took Dane to see Yoga Bear.  Fun Day!

We came home afterwards and spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing with all of Dane's new toys!! We had a wonderful Christmas, and can't believe it's already over!!

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