Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kids Crazy Christmas Show

 We were helpers this morning at a kid's Christmas show at our church.  We were expecting to help greet guests, but had no idea that we would be made to wear Santa hats.  Dane thought it was hilarious when he saw us.  He threw his hands on his knees and laughed real loud.  We thought for sure that Dane would enjoy the show.  The show had lots of fun music, dancing, and puppets.  Really cute, but Dane only lasted um all about 2.5 minutes.  He just wasn't in a great mood this morning, and was being very stubborn and strong willed, and basically just a toot.  We ended up having to leave the show early, because it just wasn't worth fighting him.  I think he was just really tired though because he took a nap this afternoon from 1-5:30!!!
 This picture totally cracks me up.  Dane wouldn't sit in the seats, and wanted to stand out in the aisle and climb the stairs.  So, halfway through Kevin ended up sitting on the stairs with him.  I looked back to see  Dane sitting on Kevin like this.  I had to take a picture, because I thought it was so cute.  It looks like he was thinking when is this show going to be over.
Kevin and I spent the entire afternoon shampooing our carpet and couches.  Kevin is still working on the couches.  Hard work!! But, we can now check that off our list of things to do this week to get ready for Kevin's parents arrival from New York!  It's going to be a busy week!!

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