Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa bring Dane a BIG BUZZ!!!

The anticipation, I'm sure is killing you.  We went and saw Santa, and I think it's fair to say that Dane chokes under pressure.  HAHA just kidding.  But, leading up to the actual visit Dane seemed fairly confident that he would tell Santa that he wanted a big Buzz Lightyear.  On the way we talked about Santa quite a bit, and Dane even mentioned that he would sit on his lap so I could get a picture.  We went to Bass Pro shop this year, because we had heard that there was a great Santa there, they gave you a free picture and also let you take your own pics.  The line was pretty long, so Kevin let Dane play around in the boats that were on display while we waited.  Dane seemed excited to see Santa, saw him from a far and kept telling us what he wanted.  Well, the time came and as it was our turn Dane started getting shy, telling us that he didn't want to see Santa.  Kevin was holding him, and he immediately started turning his head where he wasn't facing Santa any longer.  He didn't seem scared, but more stubborn that he did not want to talk to Santa.  So, Kevin put him on his lap.  No crying this year, I guess that is progress.  But, there was no happiness what so ever.  Dane was not a happy camper sitting on Santa's lap.  Didn't say a word to him, and had a pouty look on his face the entire time.  We tried to get him to say what he wanted.  But, nothing. We would ask "do you want a Buzz", and he would just nod and when we would say "well tell him" he would just shake his head no.  Pretty funny.  
He didn't even want Santa talking to him.  He would turn his head downward and cross his arms.  

But, the real funny part is that once we started walking away Dane completely freaked out and started crying that he wanted to see Santa and tell him he wanted a Big Buzz.  I mean hello!! You were just with him and wanted nothing to do with him.  Hilarious.  He cried for a while, and even cried in the car. Then we figured out that he thought if he told Santa he wanted a Buzz then he would get the Buzz that day.  He kept saying he wanted to see Santa and get his Buzz.  Poor little guy.  He understands, but not completely that you tell Santa what you want, and then he brings it to you on Christmas.  I'm sure that he is thinking when the heck is Christmas? We have been telling him for a couple months now anytime he wants something "oh you gotta wait till Christmas! Couple more weeks, little man and I think you might just see your big buzz.

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The Momoh Family said...

Love the Santa look!!! So cute!