Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This present is for me

I have a funny story about that little car you see in the picture.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but it is a Woody car from the movie toy story.  It even has a little cowboy hat on it too.  Well anyway, that little car is suppose to go with a gift that Dane will be receiving on CHRISTMAS.

So, to back up a little for the past couple weeks I have just been putting presents under the tree that were for other people.  The first day presents were under the tree Dane grew some interest in them, but when we told them who they were for he would leave them alone.  So, for the past couple weeks he has not looked at the presents, hasn't touched them or even noticed them for that matter.  One day while he was napping I decided to start wrapping some of his presents.  I put them way in the back hidden behind all the presents that have been under the tree for some time now.  I thought surely he wouldn't notice because you couldn't see them unless the other presents had been moved.  Well, one afternoon before I had gotten home from work Dane walked into the kitchen where Kevin was and had a present in his hand.  I guess I should add that I wrapped his presents in fun paper like toy story, Disney cars, and spider man.  This particular present that he was holding is something that requires hot wheel cars.  So, I had attached this woody car to the top of the present.  Kevin said he came in all excited saying "this present is for me".  Kevin was immediately like no no no that's for someone else.  But, Dane was adamant that he knew this present was his.  He even said "it has Dane on it".  Not sure if he actually recognized his name, or if he just assumed that since it was toy story it was his.  We will never know. ha Anyway, Kevin took the gift, and a huge meltdown occurred about the Woody car, but Kevin was able to get him distracted pretty quickly.  So, when I got home I decided to move all his presents back into my secret hiding spot aka our closet, and just decided that I would put them under the tree at Christmas.

The story isn't over, and it's a tad sad.  Fast forward a few days later Kevin walked in to find Dane laying on his stomach under the tree crying.  He had moved all the presents around, and Kevin said he looked pitiful.  He was really upset.  Kevin asked what was wrong and Dane said "my woody car gone" and "where's Dane's present".  :(  Kevin said he felt terrible.  So, Kevin told Dane that maybe after his bath the woody car would re-appear.  Dane seemed ok with that, but as soon as he got out of the bath tub he went running for the tree, started moving presents around and there he found his woody car.  He didn't care that the present that was once attached was no longer there, he was so excited that he found the car and was going to get to play with it.  When I got home Dane came running to me and wanted to show me his new car.  He kept saying "look what my daddy bought for me".  **AHEM** Technically, he should have been saying look what my mommy bought for me after going to 5 targets, 3 walmarts and 3 toys r us just looking for that particular car, but I guess I will let that slide. :) I looked over at Kevin with a "why does he have that car look", and Kevin started laughing and saying "I can explain, he was so sad".  So, lesson learned...presents don't go under the tree until he really understands that he has to wait till Christmas to get them.  I'm just glad that he didn't see all the presents with his name on them.  That could have been a disaster~

p.s Dane said his head was cold while eating dinner the other night and needed to wear his aka daddy's hat again

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Christy said...

awwww, i love this story! so sweet, little dane!