Monday, January 31, 2011

Presents Galore

The presents didn't stop for the little man after his party.  He still had a few to open here at home.  Grandpa and Grandma weren't able to come from New York to Dane's party, so we saved their presents and let Dane open them in front of them via skype.  He loves talking to his grandparents on the computer.  He laughs a lot and does a lot of showing off and being silly.  He got a cute shopping cart with play food, an outfit and a dinosaur that roars!  The shopping cart is perfect for his "hoarding" tendencies!! haha An Easy way to carry all his favorite toys all through the house! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!! He loves them!!!

just a side note... look at how skinny his legs have gotten!! What happened to those fat rolls that he had for so long!! 
We also had presents from Kevin's grandmother and Aunt Barby from New Orleans that Dane got to open as well! He was in Hog Heaven!! Both were Toy Story toys, which we all know he loves!! He was one happy boy with getting to open all these presents!!! Thank you so much Aunt Barby and Great Grandma for thinking of the little man on his birthday!!! 

and I guess I should add that he didn't have pants on at all yesterday...and no pull ups.  He wore underwear all day and had no accidents!! YEAH!! He did so good and was so proud of himself.  
But, Everyday is a new day, because he refused to use the potty at all today.  *sigh*

Happy Birthday Little Man

January 31, 2008 seems like it was yesterday.  I can remember that day so clearly...every single detail. I am blown away at how fast the last 3 years has flown by.  Especially the last year.  My little man is 3 today! How is that even possible?  

Dane is a character.  It's hard to put into words how funny, strong willed, talkative, smart, inquisitive, playful, stubborn, imaginative, silly and how much of a little man he has become lately.  

He says funny things like every couple minutes, keeps us laughing all the time.  He also challenges us every day with how independent he wants to be, and test our boundaries and patience on a daily basis.  For the most part he is easy going, goes with the flow and adapts to change easily.  But, he does have an obsessive side as well, where he wants his toys in certain spots, or has to carry certain toys with him where ever he goes, or is picky about certain shirts etc.  

He knows all his colors, and all his shapes.  Numbers he knows half of the time, but always leaves out number 2. His favorite number used to be 2..he would want 2 of everything, but now that has changed to the number 5.  If he asks for snacks or toys he will always say I want 5.  He knows most of the words to Jesus loves Me, Happy Birthday Song, Row Row your Boat, The Wheels on the Bus, a Clean Up Song etc.  Dane still has hoarding tendencies, and can never leave the house without a couple toys, usually cars.  And he LOVES to put toys in his pockets now.

Cars is still his all time favorite thing.  He has gotten a recent interest in monster trucks, and loves the race track he got for Christmas and the one for his birthday.  Dinosaurs, Super Heros, anything Toy Story, blocks, remote control cars, action figures are toys that are played with every day.  

Loves to ask questions about what things are, or what they actually do.  He will have a car and point to the wheels and say "what's this called" "what's this do" then point to the bumper and ask the same questions, and then point to the head light etc etc.  Lots of questions all day, curious about how things work, and wants to know names of everything.  Loves to take things apart, and see how things work.  
He can be very mischievous at times, but uses his cuteness to make us smile when he is in trouble.  Just recently found that he had colored on our kitchen tile with bright blue crayon.  When I asked him if he did it, he proudly said Yes I did.  And I said Dane why did you color on the floor? Then he got a sad face, put his head down and said "That was bad".  Yes very bad! :)

Some funnies that he says-
-If you ask him where something is he will say "Um, It's probably in the..."
-When making Cinnamon rolls- "HMMMM that smells delicious"
-"watch where you are going"
-one day we were sitting at the table and out of nowhere he said "What are you thinking?"
-he will ask a question that you think he doesn't know the answer to, and he will say "Yep, that's right"
-when he is hungry and you suggest something for him to eat he says "Um, how about..." and its usually cookies or something sweet
-"Have you seen my ???" daddy? buzz? etc
-"you wanna play with me?" (gets me every time)
-"yummy in my tummy"
- if you want him to eat something he doesn't want he will say "ooooh that's disgusting"
-when I hurt my back didn't realize he had heard me say this, but he came into the kitchen holding his back and said "my back hurts, I need medicine"
-I heard him playing with his action figures and he said "what are you looking at SuperMan?"
-all time favorite... sometimes he will say "Ok, what-ev-er" and it's usually not when talking to us, but when pretending with his toys.

He is such a joy and a huge blessing to us.  We love you little man!! 
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Super Hero Party

We survived the party! It was a little stressful leading up to it, but all in all the party was a success.  Dane woke up that morning at the crack of dawn in the most crabbiest, whiniest meltdown of all meltdowns mood.  Nothing was pleasing him, and I thought I was going to be bald from pulling my hair out.  Not a good way to start the birthday party day. Thankfully, my family got to the restaurant early to help me set up, and really just calm my nerves.  I wouldn't say I was nervous, but just so frazzled from the morning stress.  
Dane and Kevin arrived a little later, and Dane was not happy that I had used some of his super hero toys to decorate, and he wanted to open his presents right then! Kept thinking this party would end up as a big fat disaster.  But, luckily as guest started to arrive his mood eventually changed to excitement and he was all good from then on.  
I think what helped his mood was when my friend Dallas arrived and she snuck him a cookie as they sat under a table to hide!! Hilarious! All of a sudden I had a moment of panic when my child was MIA, and then saw feet hanging out of a table, and there they were munching on cookies!!  Good one Dallas! I kept catching him afterwards under the table with more and more cookies.  I think he was up to 4, when I had caught on to what was going on! 
We had masks for all the kids to wear.  Really didn't expect them to like them as much as they did, but the majority of them wore them the entire time.  The party was at Clay's Restaurant in Houston, and it was the perfect place.  Huge area to play outside with hills of sand, and animals to feed.  The party room overlooked the play area, so the grown ups were able to stay inside and visit while watching their kids.  Everyone ordered food when they arrived, and I have to say their burgers were delicious! Dane was pretty anxious to open his presents, so we let him do that pretty soon when the party started.  He got tons of great things! And he was very excited with each present, wanting us to open them immediately.  It's hard with January get an explosion of toys just a month before, and then turn around and do it again in January.  But, he is set for the doubt.  We had cupcakes and cookie cake for dessert.  Dane stood like a deer in headlights when we sang Happy Birthday, but was very thrilled to blow out the candles.  The problem was he thought the star candle was candy, and kept trying to eat it.  We all were on sugar overload halfway through the party.   
We let the kid splay outside the 2nd half of the party and take turns hitting a Batman pinata.  I think all the kids had a blast, I know Dane did. The kids were filthy and sweaty when it was time to go...think that's a good sign that they had fun! I'm so thankful for all that came! Meant a lot, and made it so much fun.  

My sweet friend Dallas took over my camera so I could just be "present" at the party and enjoy it without having a lens up to my eye every 5 seconds.  Thank you Dallas!! I have tons of pictures and she really captured the day.  I made several collages because there are just so many that I wanted to share.  There are probably just as many that didn't make it on the collages as well!! I figured 9 collages were plenty. :)
It was a great day, a lot of fun and I think a huge success.  Dane had a blast wearing his super hero cape the entire day, and he actually wore the mask quite a bit as well!! and I think all the work I did on the decorations turned out ok, so I was happy about that.  

If you click on each collage it will make them bigger, and you can view the pictures better.  

Friday, January 28, 2011

I VOW to NEVER make sugar cookies AGAIN

Why do I do this to myself?  Why can't I just be one of those moms who just has a cake and presents for their kids birthday??? Nooooo, I have to come up with all these things to add to my to-do list just to make myself feel like Dane is having a great party.  Maybe it's because I just love birthdays, and when I come up with a theme and see all these cute ideas I feel like I need to do them also.  I don't feel like I am an obsessive type person.  I don't have to have things a certain way, or things in our house don't have to be in certain spots. I'm not really a planner, and can't say I am overly organized.  I'm low maintenance for the most part, and go with the flow. But, planning birthday parties and taking and editing pictures I would have to admit are the two areas in my life I tend to be obsessive over.  Kevin can vouch for me on this.  WHY??  Dane isn't going to care.  He just wants presents and cake and would be totally content.

So, today I made sugar cookies, and colored icing... they didn't turn out as pretty as the picture on the package... and they kind of look like maybe I let Dane ice them.  So, I guess I should have said that Dane did them. hehe Oh well.  Hopefully, they taste better than they look.   And what a mess to make sugar cookies.  UGGG.  It took me forever to get all the flour cleaned up.  Never again.

Until next year. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TGIW (Thank Goodness it's Wednesday)

It's been a long week. I worked my 3 long days in a row, which I absolutely hate to do, but today is my Friday and I am off until next Wednesday.  YEAH! My days off always seem to fly by.  I really hate that.  But, I love that with my job I get 6 days off in a row every month.  Perfect time to get caught up on everything, and spend lots of QT with the little man. 

Nothing much going on other than getting ready for the big birthday party that is happening this Saturday.  Tomorrow I hope to get my house clean and finish up on all the last minute errands I need to do.  I have several girlfriends coming into town Friday and Saturday, along with some family so I am really looking forward to spending time with everyone and hanging out.  And of course, eating my fair share of cupcakes!

This is how we found Dane a little while ago.  He was watching cartoons, or so we thought.  Kevin went in the room to tell him it was time for bed, and found that the little man didn't need to be told.  He was out cold.  Didn't even budge when Kevin picked him up.  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Where did this little Booger go?

I'm in denial.  I really am.  There is no possible way that a week from today I will have a 3 year old in my house.  I've gone back and looked at my older blog posts from this year, because it just doesn't seem like it's been a year already.  What have we done this year to make it go by so fast???
It's hard to even remember having a baby in the house, now that Dane is getting so talkative, so independent, so strong willed, so imaginative, so smart etc etc. And so BIG.

Tonight he had his back to me, and it hit me that he has gotten really tall!!!  Like not 2 year old tall, but like I'm a 3 year old tall.  :(  I mean, did he age in the last couple days or what????  Seriously looks all of a sudden like a little man.

I think I might just go cry myself to sleep.  

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What our Saturday looked like...

Who's really sleeping?? Who's faking it??  I know, it's hard to tell.  Sneaky Sneaky Sneaky

Tickle Tickle... WAKE UP DADDY! DADDY!!! WAKE UP!!

Lots of movies. Lots of laying around.  No fixing of the hair.  Lazy Day for sure.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Houston we have a problem

I have been loving this COLD weather, like really loving it.  You don't hear too many Texans saying that they enjoy when the weather gets into the 40's or even better the 30's.   But, I LOVE when it is cold, and I am not one of those people who look forward to the summer time.  Because our summers here are blistering hot and miserable.  I would much rather be able to layer my clothing and take off as I get warmer than to be wearing practically nothing and sweating to death in the heat.  But, that's just me.
So, when the weatherman says we have a cold front coming this weekend, and it might freeze and you hear everyone complaining about the cold weather, you will see me jumping for joy!! I love throwing on a sweat shirt or jacket with a scarf.  I just wished we would get more of these cold days here.  I would love to have actual seasons.  You know like Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.  Instead of having 5 or 6 really cold days, a handful of days in the 70's and then the rest of the year like summer weather.  But, that isn't going to happen here in the Big city of Houston.

Which brings me to talk about how Kevin and I always say that we don't know why we live in Houston.  Neither one of us just love living here.  Besides the fact that there are lots and lots of Tex-Mex restaurants which as you know is what I survive by, and of course my friends that I have here there isn't a whole lot that we like about Houston.  I moved to the Houston area in 2003, when I got accepted into Radiation therapy school after college.  2003?? Wow, has it really been that long?

Yesterday as I literally sat in non-moving bumper to bumper traffic on my way home from work I started thinking of the top 10 reasons why I'm not a Houston Fan. I called Kevin and he came up with several to add to my list as well.   Hey- It took me a hour and half to drive 22 miles, so had lots of time on my hands, needed something to entertain myself without getting road rage.

So, here is our 10 top List of why we are sick of no particular order
**Disclaimer** I know there are pros to Houston, and its not a horrible place to live... we are just in a Houston Rut!

  1. The Obvious... TRAFFIC.  It doesn't matter what time of the day there is always traffic in Houston.  It takes me 18 minutes to get to work in the mornings when I leave at 5:30 AM to be there by 6, but the days that I have to be at work at 7:00, I have to leave my house by 6, and it usually takes me the entire hour to get there.  On the way home it always takes me anywhere from an hour to an hour and 45 mins just to go 22 miles.  Drives me crazy.  But, it's the price to pay when living in the Burbs and working in the city.  
  2. As I stated earlier the heat.... It is an inferno here 11 1/2 months out of the year.  The summers are BRUTAL... lots of 90ish - 100's degree weather.  Plain and's just HOT and HUMID all the time.  
  3. It takes forever to get anywhere.  Across town is literally ACROSS TOWN.  To go to one side of Houston the other could take an hour or much longer depending on the time of day.  Everything is so SPREAD out, so it makes it hard to go from one part of town to the other side.  The city is spread out, but the houses are on top of each other in the burbs, and in the city.  You feel like your neighbor's house is attached to yours. 
  4. Even though Houston is HUGE, we just don't feel like there is a lot to do here.  I know that sounds crazy, but besides the bar scene there's just not a lot of fun events to attend, or if there is something going on it's always on the other side of Houston from where you are. Wish there were more festivals, concerts, amusement parks etc.  Kevin wishes there was better places for music... like blues, jazz or Cajun as examples.
  5. Houston is just ugly.  Sorry, don't wanna offend people, but for real it's not a pretty city.  There are billboards everywhere and no character to the city. I hate that every single inch of the city is covered with buildings, apartments etc.  No land to make pretty scenery.  Oh, and pollution, guess that falls into this category. 
  6. It's not a walking city what so ever.  Everywhere that you go you are forced to drive, which leads back to traffic.  I love how other big cities everything is close together, so you can just walk to the store, movies or wherever you are wanting to go.  And it's too hot to be a walking city, really.  Who wants to walk around town when the weather is 110 degrees.  
  7. Every business is a chain type business.  There are no ma/pa type places or family owned restaurants here.  No outdoor cafes, or places that "everyone knows your name".  I miss the small town feel.  And in the burbs here it still lacks the small town feel. 
  8. Poor public transportation.  With how big this city is there should be some sort of subway/train system besides the Metro Rail.  It would help tremendously with traffic.
  9. Everything is just big here.  The churches are big. Schools are big.  There are SOO many high schools in our area, and all of them are just HUGE.  I get nervous thinking about sending Dane to one of these schools and he just getting lost in the shuffle.  It's hard to connect and make friends when you feel like you are just lost in the thousands.  
  10. No good water front areas.  Galveston Beach which would be the closest and let's face it, it's a nasty dirty beach. I can only handle maybe one visit a year there, and never step foot into the water while there.  No real big Lakes here either, besides Lake Conroe but that's man made. 
  11. Have to add one more just to be funny...All of Houston's sport teams suck... hehe
So, who knows what will happen through the years and where we will end up.  I can put money that we probably won't be here forever.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dane has a double ear infection, congested in his chest, his nose makes a snoring noise even when awake, and has enough snot for a small village...
Kevin is hoarse, and sounding like an 80 year old woman who smokes a couple packs a day...
And I am feeling very achy, head feels heavy and I feel like I could seriously sleep for days...

It's going to be a GREAT weekend!

Dane was running fever again, so had to be taken to the doctor today.  I was thinking maybe strep, since we got a note home from his school the day before advising all parents that strep was going around, and lots of kids had been infected.  But, double ear infection was Dane's diagnosis instead.  So, I guess we are home bound again this weekend.  I hope to catch up on some tv that I have recorded, and maybe some sleep.  We'll see how it all plays out.  Dane doesn't really act too sick, so I don't think there is much chance that he will just chill tomorrow.  His chocolate milk addiction doesn't seem to take a back seat when we are feeling bad.  He is always on, and expects us to be also.

In other news have I mentioned that I am living with a professor?  Yeah, that's right ladies and gents Kevin is now Professor Wittschen! Kevin got a part time job teaching a night class at a private college, Concordia University.  It's a mini session, meaning only 4 weeks long.  Yesterday was the 3rd week of the session, and he has really enjoyed it!! Earlier this week he got a call from the director and wanted to know if he would teach another class in February once this class is over.  Yeah!!  One of the directors came and observed him last week, and liked what they saw and offered him another class!!!  It makes for some long days after he works at his regular job all day, then has to travel to the south side of Houston and teach that class from 6-10 pm.  But, it is great! We are really excited!! He is getting some college level experience, his foot in the door at a University, and of course extra income is always nice too.

My sister is actually improving.  It really is unbelievable given her prognosis.  The nurses and doctors really are shocked.  They have the sedation completely off, so she has been awake quite a bit, and has responded quite a bit.  They sill have her on a respirator, and she may have to have a temporary trach in the near future.  Her lungs have gotten slightly better, and the swelling in her right arm and hand have gone down a little as well, which means that the clot is decreasing.  God is Good.  Keep up the prayers!

So, it looks like the consensus is keep Dane's hair short!! Thanks for voting, Ya'll! I'm still torn, to be honest.  I like it all spiked up, but I loved his longer hair as well.  It's a good change though, for now.  I'm sure he will have several hair styles through the years.

Alright, I'm off to bed.  Have a great weekend!! If you need us we will be curled up in blankets on the couch or in bed probably watching movies all weekend...or at least that is what I am hoping that Dane will let us do.  Fat Chance, I'm sure!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Know What's a GREAT SIGHT???

When you are starving and walk into the kitchen and see this....

I love that Kevin isn't afraid to cook.  Love it.  For real, LOVE IT!!!
I don't say it enough... I reeled in a GREAT FISH!

You know what else is a great sight... when you see these sitting on the island waiting to be put in the oven

Sister Schubert's Warm & Serve Parker House Style Yeast Rolls... if you haven't had these you are MISSING out.  They are frozen rolls that just have to be put in the oven for lil while, but let me just tell you they are AWESOME!!!!! I got hooked on these one thanksgiving when my mom instead of making rolls grabbed these... They were a HUGE hit, and I think she started using these from then on out.  They haven't been cooked yet in this picture, but seriously if you haven't had them you need to make a trip to Kroger, and get you SUM!!

We have been laying low the last couple days.  Little man has been under the weather.  Got a call yesterday while he was in school that he had to be picked up because he was running fever.  So, today we spent the day at the house trying to get him well, so he can go back to his school tomorrow and Friday.  He doesn't act all that sick, besides running fever.  Lots of energy today!  I guess it's better for him to be sick this week/wknd instead of next weekend!! Got get him well before his party next Sat!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Wonder Wild and Update

We got to have some fun today since today just happened to be one my off days from work and Kevin had the day off thanks to Martin Luther King Day.  We spent couple hours at a place called Wonder Wild.  Dane had an absolute blast climbing, jumping, running, sliding etc. We wanted to do something fun, it had been a while since we did something fun as a family.  And Dane's been a tad clingy lately, so we thought he needed some quality time with us and our undivided attention.  After we wore him out quite a bit we went to McAlister's Deli to have lunch.  I had the best Basil Parmesan Chicken Panini and a small baked potato.. it was so yummy that I think I might have to get it again.. like tomorrow! Ha
Ended the day with errands, but I think we can chalk up today as great fun!


So, I haven't updated about my sister in a while.  Really before today not much had changed.  Last week the doctors told us that she wasn't going to live through the night.  Then when she did we were told that she wouldn't make it through the week.  The prognosis was as bad as it could possibly be.  Really the only thing the doctors said that she had going for her was that she was young.  Well, we made it through last week.  This week she has started to improve little by little.  Before today, everything was starting to improve but her lungs.  They weren't looking any better, and that is a major problem.
But, the Lord hears prayers.  We got a better update today.  We are thankful for the small little improvements. We got good news about her lungs, but did get some bad news as well. Here is an email that my mom sent to people she knows is praying...

It's been over two weeks since Crystal was put in ICU with SepsisToday brought some good news/bad news.  Good news is that  her lungs are showing signs of improvement!!!  This is the first time we have received good news about her lungs.  It's not a big improvement, but improvement is healing!!
Bad news is that she has an extensive blood clot in her right arm.  It's causing her arm and hand to swell and there are small blisters coming up.  Dr. had to discontinue blood thinners due to her platelet count dropping.  Blood thinners are used to treat blood clots.  They have resumed now that her platelets are better.   This of course can be very dangerous. They are starting to bring down the sedation so that she can work harder to breath on her own.  Respirator is now at 60% instead of 100%.  She responds with nods when she is asked yes/no questions and she even trys to mouth "I love you" , but of course it's hard when you have something down your throat.  She is even watching TV a little between snoozing. She is still critically ill, but God is answering prayer.  Thanks so much for all the prayers, phone calls, texts,  and visits.  I tell Crystal all the time about all of you praying, etc. for her. 
Keeping praying.....

Sunday, January 16, 2011

One VOTE can make a DIFFERENCE!

Are you ready to see Dane's new hair cut??????????

Ok, but there's a catch.  If you want to see his new do, then you HAVE to vote on my poll!!
just kidding, but I would greatly appreciate it.   My last assignment didn't go over that well.  No one wanted to participate...I get it, it's ok.  :(
 But, today's participation is so simple, and your name won't be attached to it.   All you have to do is click on one bubble to answer the question for my poll.  Just look on the right side of my blog, and pick which answer you want...that's it!! I won't know who answered,  it will just show the stats for each answer.  It's just for fun, PEOPLE!! :)

Now go out there and VOTE!

Introducing the Man of the Hour, the one and only blue eyed dimple faced super Hero in training, and Lightening McQueen's biggest fan..............

***insert drum rolls***




Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spider Man got his wig chopped

We spent the day hanging out with Spider Man while running errands around town.  Just a typical Saturday, nothing out of the ordinary. :)  Dane wasn't up for changing out of his Spider Man costume this morning when we were getting dressed to leave, but he was ok with throwing a pair of jeans over it and his tractor hoodie. So, we just went with it.  Kevin was feeling bored and stir crazy so coming with me to run errands like clothes shopping for Dane actually seemed appealing to him.  He's not a shopper.  At all.  He can handle about a good 30 minutes and then he is done.  If I'm being honest I don't like to shop with him.  Well, when shopping for me.  Because once he gets bored he starts acting silly, picking up random things just to annoy me so the trip will be shortened, and I NEVER find anything I like when he is with me.  HaHa  But, I dropped Kevin and Spider Man off at Best Buy, so I could run across the street to Children's Place and Old Navy.  We had lunch at Pei Wei and got a lot of attention since Spider Man was dining with us!!

It was a great Saturday!  Ran a bunch of errands, but for some reason I considered it fun today.  Guess I need to get out more! HA  This evening we took Dane to get a hair cut, and I decided to get his hair cut completely different this time, so I could spike up the front.  This hair cut has made the tiny bit of baby-ness he had left jump out the window.  :(  Kevin likes the way it looks, and I am undecided.  I can't decide if it's that I just don't like it plain and simple, or if it's just completely different and I just need some time to get used to it, or since it makes him look more like a big boy it just makes me sad.  Not sure.  Don't get me wrong, it's cute... but totally different!

Stay tuned for the Big Reveal!  And you can be the judge!


Friday, January 14, 2011

National Delurking Day

I just found out from a couple blogs that I read that today is NATIONAL DELURKING DAY, so I decided to copy it here on my blog!   

What is Delurking Day you ask?? Yes, it is a REAL Day!  Well, it is a day in the blogging world that means if you are reading this blog and never comment, then today is the day to comment!  Please leave a comment and let me know who you are?  where are you from? Tell me what you love about my blog, why you read it,  how did you find it?  do we have a mutual friend?  what is interesting about my blog? It doesn't matter what your comment is about, just as long as you comment! 

 So, come out from your lurking days, and let me know who is actually reading this blog!! And who knows, you might just like commenting and do it more often!!! :)

Who's going to be the 1st one to come out of hiding????

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Snow Day Without The Snow

Today I didn't have to work, and I'm still having some issues with my back so I decided that my to-do list of errands would have to wait until the weekend, and I was declaring the day a lazy pj day.   I have heard about so many people having "snow days" recently and not being able to leave their home, so that's what I pretended was going on here.  Yep, we're snowed in, can't leave so might as well put on some movies, get under the covers and relax!  I wish that it would snow here, but no such luck. 

So, Dane spent most of the day hanging out in my bathtub dressed like this...don't understand it, but it's one of his favorite spots to play in.  Lots of pretending occurs in the bathtub.  And I spent the day catching up on my reality tv (don't judge), and making super hero masks for Dane's party, and if I'm being honest dipping oreos in milk.   There I said it.  

I'm Ready for the weekend!!! What about you??